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August 24, ItiOT.] BIERHOFF: PROSTITUTION IN GERMANY. 355 dispensation for three months from poHce control. She is, however, expected to conduct herself in a decent manner, and to avoid falling under suspicion of still following her trade of prostitution. The document employed in this transaction is as fol- lows : X. — Prelimin.vry Dispensation from Control Examinations. Ampicillin 500 Mg (1) For it is to be TR.\NSACTED. recorded that she is temporarily Berlin 190.. to be freed from the regula- (1) To it was lo- tions of the sanitary police of day disclosed, in conformity the date of June 28, 1902. Online Ampicillin with the adjoining order, that This, however, is only to be she is Buy Ampicillin to be temporarily re- done with the privilege of Buy Acillin rev- leased from the observance of ocation, under the express con- the morals police regulations dition that she shall not give of June 2S, 1902. This may, any occasion for any interfer- however, be recalled, and is ence, or any interposition by done under the express con- the morals police. Otherwise, dition that slie is not to give particularly if she again make any occasion for any interfer- herself suspected of engaging ence by the morals police, in public prostitution, the Otherwise, namely, if she above mentioned concession is again brings suspicion of pub- to be retracted, and she is lie prostitution upon herself, again to be subjected to Buy Ampicillin Online the then the above mentioned con- control regulations. Concern- cession is to be recalled, and Ing her definite release from she is again to be subjected to control is to be decided later the control regulations. Con- on. ceming her definite release (2) For the dis- from control, will be decided trict, for the observation of later. , and for her produc- (2) For districts tlon as soon as she again (3) For the pre- makes herself suspected of cinct for informa- public prostitution. tior. (3) To the other districts i4) Upon the control book, for Information and notlfica- (;">) Upon the records, tlon, in the Cheap Ampicillin sense of the or- ders, with regard to. (4) precinct sim- ilarly. (."i) For the control book. Ampicillin 500 r6) .\ftcr month, with the report of the district and the statement of the other districts, as to whether has given occasion for any interference by the morals police. .\ny breach of these orders is to be followed by her being brought before the district court, for the purpose of bringing about her punishment for the breach of paragraph 361-B of the National Code of Laws. Should the woman in Order Ampicillin question during a period of three months not lead a moral life, and should she arouse the suspicions of the police that she is still secretly following her trade of prostitution, and should the secret police find that these suspicions are based upon facts, then the temporary dispensation is withdrawn and the woman is again placed under control. The following Ampicillin 500mg document is then em- ployed : XI. — \\lTHDR.\WAL OI-' THE DISPENSATION. (1 ) In the case Purchase Ampicillin of was today. In ae- It is to he recorded that the cordance with the adjoining tempornrv release from obedl- order to her. Informed that ence to the morals police con- the temporary from trol regulatlona, granted to the morals police control reg-

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