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Physician. Residence of the physician In order that the physician who is treating the person in question may be released from his pledge of professional secrecy, he receives the following document, which is filled out and signed by the pros- titute in fiuestion : XVII. — To Be Given to the Physician. I hereby declare that I agree that the etoricoxib arcoxia physician, Mr. living at , is, at my expense, under the employment of the accompanying formula, to fill out a certificate concerning my state of health, for the use of the morals police in Berlin, and to give arcoxia price the same to a police etoricoxib msd official, who shall iden- tify himself, for its transmission purchase arcoxia to the proper authori- ties. For the above mentioned sole purpose, I release the physician, Mr from the pledge of secrecy. the 19. . Signature Residence In those cases where a prostitute has absented herself from the medical inspection, a police officer is sent to her dwelling, who is to fill out arcoxia online a report concerning her appearance and condition. The offi- cer making such a visit is pledged to use all po.ssiblc consideration. purchase arcoxia online He buy arcoxia online may not attempt any examina- tions, and inust report only upon the findings which would appear to a layman as signifying real illness, or simply an attempt at deception. This is done because, as I have been informed, upon credible authority, the prostitutes at times attempt to evade the examinations at police etoricoxib tablets headquarters, when be- cause of a veneral disease, they fear that they will be transported to the hospital, and attempt, by re- porting sick and even by the presentation of arcoxia 90mg medi- cal certificates, obtained from dishonest medical generic arcoxia practitioners, to lead to the belief that they arcoxia cost are really ill. The report which must be made to police head- (|iiarters by the officer of the criminal police en- trusted with this duty is as follows : XVIII.— Report. Upon the supposedly sick , who stands under morals police buy cheap arcoxia supervision. The official must avoid every examination, particu- larly the inspection of covered parts of the body. In the following form the fitting sentence is to arcoxia tablets be underlined : 1. Date and hour of the inspection. 2. Where, and how, did the official find the supposed patient? (For instance — in bed; out of bed; in the room; in the kitchen; upon the stairs; sitting; lying; how employed; unemployed). 3. What appearances of disease were externally no- ticeable? (For instance — reddening; swelling; sup- purations ; haemorrhages ; eruptions ; ulcerations ; wounds. Upon what parts of the body? Fever, arcoxia mg pal- lor, emaciation, snuffling, buy arcoxia coughing, hoarseness, diffi- culty order arcoxia online in breathing, vomiting, stiffness of the joints, altered gait, liinping). 4. Does the patient wear compresses, packings, ban- dages, plasters upon the body? buy etoricoxib Where? 5. etoricoxib 60 mg Are articles for the care of the sick present ? Are they visibly in use? (For instance — medicine bottles, powder boxes, paper bags, salve pots, ice box, ice, ir- rigators, inhalation apparatus, syringes, bath pans, in- valid chairs, fever thermometers). 6. About what does the patient complain? (For in- stance — chills, fever, headache, dizziness, pains in the throat, cough, expectorating, spitting order arcoxia of blood, pains in the chest, nausea, loss of appetite, pains in the stom- ach, vomiting, vomiting of blood, diarrhoea, pains in the abdomen, bleeding from the abdomen, pain and burning upon urination, upon stool, upon intercourse; pains in the limbs, attacks of unconsciousness, twitch- ing in the arms, in the legs). 7. Is the patient under medical treatment? By whom? What did the physician state the sickness to be, to her, or to those about her? What has he or- dered? 8. Or is the patient without medical treatment? Why? Why does she not apply to the charity phy-

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