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into atarax 50 mg three batches of four men each, each batch be- ing on duty two hours daily. The iiours for exam- ination are from nine a. cheap atarax m. to three p. m. For this service they receive a salary of 2,400 marks per an- num ($576). The examinations are made in large, light, and airy rooms, set aside for tliis purpose, at police head- quarters. These rooms ojien upon the corridor, which serves as a waiting room for the prostitutes. Tiiese enter police headquarters by a special en- trance from a comparatively little traversed street, adjoining the city elevated railway, pass up a sepa- rate stairway, whicli leads to the corridor befoic mentioned. Here they receive their control books order atarax from the police official on duty in the corridor, a mes- senger calling for the liooks at the bureau of the division in which they are kept. The women pass, in tiieir turn, into one of tlie rocins of the exannning |)hysiciau on duty, loosen the clothing, and take their place in turn upon the examining table. The external genitals, as well as the inguinal glands, are examined. The urethra is inspected for evidences of inflammation, or for the presence of profuse or purulent discharge. A cyl- mdrical speculum is inserted and the portio and cervical canal examined for erosions, ulcerations, and profuse buy atarax discharge. As the speculum is with- drawn, the vaginal walls are inspected where to buy atarax for ulcera- tions. atarax 10mg Following this, the palms of the hands, the mouth, face, pharynx, cervical glands, breast, axil- lary glands, and cubital glands are atarax mg examined. Should the prostitute be found to be healthy the book is countersigned by the examining physician and given to the woman, who leaves the room and presents the book to the official on duty at the exit, who. thereupon, unlocks the door of exit and per- mits her to go. Should she purchase atarax be found diseased, the fact is noted upon the control book, w-hich is there- upon laid aside until the necessary papers have been made out for the woman's transmission to the hos- pital ; the woman, meanwhile, waiting in an ante- room. All examinations are made in the presence of a middle aged or elderly female attendant, who is supposed at the same time, to assist the woinen in dressing, or undressing, and to assist the phy- sician by cleansing and handing instruments, etc. No microscopical examinations are, at the present time, made at police headquarters. Where a sus- picion exists that a discharge is atarax tablets of a gonorrhoeal character, the examination is made in the hospital station of the city almshouse. Formerly, at the tiine of my last buy cheap atarax previous visit, in the year 1899. these examinations were at once made in police head- quarters. The regulations governing the examina- tions by the medical officials of the morals police are as follows : XX. — Service Regulations for the Physicians Em- ployed WITH THE Morals Police. I. The medical examination of those female prostitutes standing under police control, as well as those who are arrested upon the suspicion of prostitution, takes place daily, in the rooms atarax price at police headquarters set aside for that purpose, between the hours of nine a. m. to about three p. m. The examinations are to be made by the twelve phy- sicians entrusted therewith in such a manner that, in buy atarax online batches of four, one in each of the four rooms set aside for that purpose, they are to be on duty_ from nine purchase atarax online until eleven, eleven to one, or atarax tablets 25mg one to three o'clock, or until complete attention has been given to all those present for examination upon any date (wliich, as a rule, mav be effected by three o'clock). On Sundays and holidays the examination takes place in only one room, from ten until twelve o'clock, at which the phy- sicians must serve in rotation. 3- The purpose of 'he examination is to determine whether any of the persons to be examined suffers from any infectious disease, so atarax online that she must be placed in a hospital for the purpose of compulsory treatment. In the first place, the venereal diseases (gonorrlKva. soft chancre, and syphilis) come under consideration, and all ilise.ised conditions which arouse the justified order atarax online .suspicion that they are of a venereal naUirc: after that, scabies, atarax cost and possibly smallpox, and other contagious and acute infectious diseases. 358 HIERHOPF: PROSTITUTION IN GERMANY. In the category of these diseases which are to be referred to the hospital in the generic atarax Frobelstrasse belong tliose noted in atarax 25 mg detail, which present the following symp- toms :

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