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a. Vaginal and uterine blennorrhceas, is so far Atorvastatin Ppt as those are combined with erosions, or are very copious, or have a decidedly purulent character. Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg b. Urethral blenorrhoeas. c. Chancres, at whatever portion of the body they may be present, and all other pus secreting areas, or such as arouse the suspicion of an infectious character, occurring within or in the neighborhood of the genitals. d. Condylomata. e. Buboes of a specific nature. f. Syphilitic eruptions, or such skin eruptions as arouse the suspicion that they may be of a syphilitic na- ture. S- At the examination there must be examined at least the following, according to Atorvastatin Fenofibrate the ministerial regulations of the nth of July, 1898: 1. The face, the oral cavity and pharynx (spatula to depress the Atorvastatin Calcium Generic tongue), lips, cervical glands, breast, arms (roseola), axillary glands, cubital glands. 2. Upon the examining table ; anus (condylomata, ul- cerations), skin of the abdomen, thighs, inguinal Atorvastatin Generic Availability glands, labia majora and minora, particularly the posterior commissure and urethral orifice. The urethra and ducts of the Bartholinian glands, by means of pressure with the finger. 3. With the speculum ; the vagina, uterine orifice, and cervix of the uterus. In the presence of marked secretion, irrigation of the vagina by means of an in- jection of water, or cleansing by means of a cotton sponge. Discount Atorvastatin The instruments used, which may Atorvastatin Brand Names consist only of glass, porcelain, or metal, are to be cleaned by Atorvastatin Spc a female attendant after each use, in warm water, by means of green soap and a brush, or in warm two per cent, soda solution, or in one per cent, watery solution of holzin. The examining physicians are required to furnish the necessary instruments themselves in sufficient num- ber. Disinfecting solutions, cotton, and towels Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets are Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin fur- nished them. After each use the instruments (spatula and specula) are to be cleansed and afterward dried by the female attendant. In case too profuse mucous secretion makes the examination of Atorvastatin Ca the inner genitals more Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin difficult, they are to be cleansed by means of the injection of water or with cotton sponges. In the persons of prostitutes who are menstruating, the examination of the inner genital organs only is to be omitted. The other examination is to be completely carried Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics out. .6. .Should it be discovered at the examination of one of the arrested individuals that she is not yet deflor- ated, then the examination with the speculum is to be omitted. 7- Should it be found that a previously examined per- son has been vencreally diseased, then the respective instruments are to be separately disinfected, and to remain at least twenty minutes in the disinfecting fluid. 8. At once after the examination of every individual, there is to be entered in the control book presented by her, or fin the case of the arrested) at the margin of the document presented, the result, Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate briefly, in addition to the name (initials) of the examining physician and the date. It is sufficient to note that the individual Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg is healthy — that is, free from those contagious diseases mentioned in paragraphs 3 and 4, or that she must be placed in the hospital. In all cases there is to be added "because of syph- ilis," or "because of suspicion of syphilis," or " be- c.aise of scabies," and similarly. In the same manner it is to be noted if the individual is still a virgin. With those who have just menstruated, as a result not com- pletely examined prostitutes, there is, in case no dis- ease Atorvastatin Canada is recognizable, the notice " healthy ; menstruat- ing," to be made — that is, free of infectious Atorvastatin Trials disease, in' so far as this may be recognized during menstrua- tion. In the journal, which is to be found in each of the four Sandoz Atorvastatin examination rooms, are to be newly entered the names of those who arc diseased and those who are suspected of Teva Atorvastatin disease, with an exact report of the find- ings. Q- Should the examining physician record the trans- ference of a prostitute to another danger class to that to which she has been referred in conformity with Paragraph i of the Morals Police Regulations of the 28th of June, 1902, then he must give notice thereof

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