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{La Clinique, July 5, 1907) have found this combi- nation to be very useful ; but recommend that adrenalin hydrochloride be added in the proportion of I to 1.000. The addition of adrenalin makes the preparation haemostatic, and increases the anaesthetic eftect. while at the same time it reduces the dan- ger from absorption of the cocaine (it is said to be nine or ten times less toxic than cocaine solutions alone). For the ear, from five to ten drops of this solution are used Buy Aygestin Online upon a small piece of absorbent cotton, about the size of a pea. This is placed in contact with the drum membrane, and should be removed in about five minutes. The drum should then be of a milky white color, which indicates in- sensibility. The carbolic acid exercises a caustic action on the external surface of the membrane, and softens it so that the cocaine may be absorbed and produce the anaesthesia. The drum may now be in- cised without pain ; it is advised to make another application after the operation, to check hsemor- rhage. In operations upon the nose and throat, the application is made with some cotton. It is advisable to spray the parts with a little cocaine solution (one per cent.) so as to make the application of the stronger solution less disagreeable, wdiere the mu- cous membrane is sensitive. If the cotton be kept in contact for a few moments, the mucosa turns white, looking like a mucous patch. This is espe- cially noticeable in the pharynx. As this whiteness indicates the Aygestin Cost full degree of insensibility there should l)e no delay in operating, the anesthesia being as fleeting as that of cocaine of ten per cent, Buy Norethindrone Acetate strength. This combination has been used during the last fif- teen months in hundreds of cases with complete sat- isfaction. Among the operations which have been performed with its aid are galvanocauterization of the turbinals, removal of hypertrophies, excision of tnrliinals with cutting forceps, resections of the saeptum ; operations on the tonsils, tonsillotomy with the cold wire snare ; opening abscesses, and removal of adenoids, as well as paracentesis of the ear drum. August il'l. I'JOT.] THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. 36T The solution does not cause the stuffy feeling of the pharynx and the difficulty in swallowing which follow the application of the ordinary solutions of cocaine to the throat. Biliary Opotherapy in Dyspeptic Infants. — Bar- bier and Cruet, in a recent essay {Bulletin general de therapeutique, July 8, 1907), call attention to the fact that among certain infants, with a tuberculous heredity, or subjects of congenital syphilis, especially when overfed with cows' milk, gastrr lr,ti_stinal dis- orders are frequently observed. Ti.c babies are poor- ly nourished, and are pale and lymphatic. There are also indications of insuffciency of the liver func- tion. The muscles are so c and Aygestin Online rachitic, tubercu- lous, or syphilitic manifestations may be seen. The little patients are asthenic, cry very little, and are not restless, they often refuse the nursing bottle, and have the appearance Buy Cheap Aygestin of being intoxicated by the con- tents of Norethindrone Acetate Tablets the digestive tract. Constipation is fre- quent, especially at the beginning. The character- istic feature of these cases is the peculiar abnormal condition of the stools, as regards color, consistence, and odor. In color they are white or slightly yel- low, or cafe ait fait; at other times, they are Generic Aygestin streaked, mixed with mucus, and more or less green (show- ing an intestinal lesion). Their consistence is pasty and homogeneous, except when masses of casein or of fatty Aygestin 5mg acids are present. Their odor is that of putrefaction ; sometimes more, sometimes less foetid. The livei is generally found to be increased in vol- ume. This syndrome, consisting of (i) signs of intoxication (pallor, asthenia, loss of appetite, etc.) : (2) constipation; (3) imperfectly digested, large, white, foetid stools : and (4) enlargement of the liver (beginning fatty degeneration), lead to the conclusion that there is insufficient excretion of bile, due to overfunction of the liver ; and that this is frequently accompanied by overfunction of the in- testine and pancreas. Acting upon this. Barbier and Cruet gave powdered extract of bile, in some cases combining it with pancreatine, with excellent Aygestin 5 Mg result. The stools regained p. normal color, and consistence, and lost their foetid odor. The patients were relieved of constipation, and commenced again to Buy Aygestin put on flesh. The importance of limiting the quantity of milk to that which a child of equal weight should take, was emphasized in the discus- sion following this paper, as Barbier had already pointed out- that an Aygestin Tablets increased ration of milk in these cases aggravates the digestive troubles, and their consequences. Serum Treatment of Essential Aygestin Price Anaemia. — Son- neville and .Minct {La Soiuiiiu- iitedicalc. April 24,

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