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DENGUE. The work of the Army Board for the Study of Tropical Diseases as They Occur in the Philippines, composed of Dr. P. M. Ashburn and Dr. Charles F. Craig, is of the first order. We have recently called attention in these columns to the description of the embryos of Filaria philippinensis (June 15th) and we now have to note an excellent paper on dengue, which appeared in the Philippine Journal of .Science for May. A preliminary note concerning the new facts worked out by this board appeared in one or two other journals earlier in the year; but the paper under review deals with the entire dengue question from the point of view of an epidemic which occurred at Fort William McKinley, benoquin cream Prov- ince of Rizal, Luzon, Philippine Islands, in which 492 cases were observed. The authors review the symptomatology and diagnosis of the disease, which, as usual, has presented some slight differences in its manifestations from those of previously reported epidemics. The most important jxirt of their work, however, lias been their experiments to discover the cause of the disease and its method of transmission. The tetiologicni factor has so far escaped detection. Ash- August 24, 1007.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. benoquin cream 20 ^67, burn and Craig have, however, been able to show that it is not a blood parasite that is detectable by our present methods of blood staining and blood examination. Further, it is not a bacterium. More important is the establishment of the fact that the astiological factor is contained in the blood, because they have been able to infect susceptible patients by the intravenous inoculation of blood taken from the veins of a patient sick benoquin cream for sale with the disease. They injected the unfiltered blood from dengue patients into eleven of fourteen volunteers, with tht result that seven of the eleven were attacked with typical attacks of dengue in from two days and twelve hours to seven days. In three of the eleven persons there was absolute immunity to the disease. Having proved that the inoculation of the blood of a dengue patient was able to produce dengue in a susceptible individual, the authors injected the fil- tered blood of monobenzone benoquin dengue patients into persons who had not had the disease, A bacteria-proof Lilliput dia- tomaceous filter was used, and the process was ac- complished under 730 mm, pressure. In tw^o cases the intravenous injection of filtered blood benoquin vitiligo produced an attack of dengue ; in one case in three days and . eleven hours and in the other case in two days and twelve hours. The authors, therefore, conclude that the organism causing dengue is ultramicroscopic in size. They then turned their attention to the theory advanced by Graham, in 1903, that the disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. Graham accused Culex fatigans of being the offending insect, and the au- thors first studied this insect. Furthermore, the geographical distribution of Culex fatigans and benoquin price dengue is identical. They used mosquitoes reared in captivity and insects caught in natural sur- roundings. The raising of mosquitoes and their use for the experimental transmission of disease is not the easy matter that benoquin monobenzone cream it appears from reading of it. However, Ashburn and Craig were able to infect one patient with dengue after he had been bitten by mosquitoes raised from the eggs in their laboratory. The patient was a private in the Hospital Corps of the army, who had volunteered for the purpose. On September 12th he was placed under a mos- quito I)ar witji mosquitoes that had bitten a patient with dengue on the night previous. The mos- quitoes placed under the bar buy benoquin cream did not bite the man until tile night of the 13th of September. In about tiiree days and sixteen hours the patient had fever (100.2° F. ), twenty-four hours later he began to complain of symptoms and went through a typical attack of dengue. The authors believe from this experiment that the parasite of dengue does not un- dergo benoquin online any cycle of development in the body of the mosquito: but thai it lives in ib.-
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