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no regurgitation from the stomach of the mosquito during the act of biting. The valve arrangement of the pumping organ would appear to be provided to prevent that occurrence. We know that such an eminent authority as Schaudinn believed that regur- gitation was possible. It appears to us, however, that if the parasite undergoes no cycle of development in the body of the insect it is more likely to betnovate skin cream be trans- mitted by the soiling of the proboscis, as has been shown to be the case in trypanosome transmission by the studies of ilinchin, Tulloch, and Gray (see editorial, November 24, 1906). TPIE PATHOLOGY OF DROPSY DUE TO VENOUS OBSTRUCTION. In a paper, published in 1903, Charles Bolton de- scribed the occurrence of dropsy after the diminu- tion of the size of the pericardial sac by sutures {Journal betnovate for acne of Pathology and Bacteriology, August, 1903). In the studies made at that time it was found that 'after the partial occlusion of the peri- cardial sac and the consequent obstruction to the tilling of the auricles of the heart during diastole, there was a rise of pressure in the entire venous system, followed by a return to normal betnovate gm skin cream in about an hour, but there was betnovate buy online very slight betnovate c cream reduction, if any, in the arterial pressure, so that the capillary pressure was not raised. betnovate scalp solution Starling's theory of the production of hydrasmic plethora assumed that the venous pres- sure primarily fell below normal in the limbs and the splanchnic area, although it rose in the betnovate face great betnovate c veins near the betnovate ointment 0.1 heart. The low betnovate scalp lotion pressure in the peri- pheral veins initiates the absorption of lymph, which continues until the capillary pressure in the limbs as well as in the trunk is raised above normal betnovate cream 0.1 by the hydraemic betnovate n cream plethora so produced. Dropsy is then brought about by the raised capillary pressure. In order to confirm his previous findings, Bolton (Proceedings of the Royal Society, Ixxix, Xo, B, p, 532) has tied oflf the inferior vena cava, the supe- rior vena cava, and the portal vein of cats under anaesthesia. In some cases these veins were merely obstructed for a time by a metal loop of varying calibre. The arterial pressure was taken in the carotid or the femoral buy betnovate cream artery, and recorded by means of betnovate n a mercurial manometer ; the venous pres- sure was taken in various large and small veins ant! recorded by a venous manometer. As a result of his studies, Rolton concludes that wIiatoviT the nature of the impediment by which 364 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. the free flow of betnovate scalp application blood into tlie liearl during diastole is prevented, there is a general rise of venous pres- sure in all the veins of the body, extending as far back as the betnovate c ointment capillaries, accompanied by a fall of the mean arterial pressure. These phenomena are due to the accumulation of blood in the veins. The venous pressure soon falls to normal, and, if the animal lives, the arterial pressure returns more or less completely to its betnovate gm former level, owing to vaso- constriction. Dropsy occurs several hours later, while the capillary pressure is normal or even be- low normal. The return of the venous pressure to normal is accounted for by passive distention of the veins and the capillaries. The dropsy is pro- duced in the situation where the veins and the capil- laries are distended and where the blood flows with a diminished velocity, and, in the opinion of the author, depends entirely upon an altered condition of the vessel walls, and not upon an, altered condi- tion of nutrition of the tissues themselves, as held by Lazarus Barlow. buy betnovate cream online High capillary pressure plays no part in the production of this cedema, and the arterial pressure may be normal or below normal. The earliest dropsy in uncompensated heart disease is strictly local in origin, and the capillaries of betnovate online the district become a temporary excretory organ. In the remainmg parts of the body absorption must occur coincidently with this output of fluid in order to keep up the normal amount of blood. As the disease becomes more extensive the area of produc- tion of the dropsy extends. If the venous territory in which the obstruction is situated is not too large in proportion to the remainder of the vascular ter- ritories of the body, and if the anastomoses are not too free, dropsy may occur during a high capillary pressure; but the actual cause of the oedema is an alteration in the capillary wall, the high pressure being merely a concomitant circumstance or at most a contributory factor. COAGGLUTINATION OF TYPHOID AND PARA- TYPHOID SERA. Following the application of the agglutination phenomenon of Gruber and Durham to the diag- nosis of typhoid fever by Widal, in 1896, it was

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