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hoped for a time that a positive and unfailing method had at last been discovered for the diag- nosis of the disease. Further studies soon showed that in some cases the agglutination reaction devel- oped late, and that in other cases it apparently did not appear at all during the disease, although the clinical course of the complaint Biaxin Xl was typical of ty- phoid fever. A review of the results of many re- ported cases from all parts of the world indicated that about two per cent, Antibiotics Biaxin failed to show the reaction. Then in 1896 Achard and Bensaude succeeded in isolating an organism from the pus of a posttyphoid arthritis Order Biaxin which was in many ways different frtjm the Hacilhis typhosus, and still later Schottmiiller showed that this so called paratyphoid organism exhibited characters which would warrant its divi- sion into at least two groups. Further studies have been made with Purchase Biaxin the object of distinguishing ty[)hoid fever and paratyphoid fever clinically by agglutina- tion reactions and by blood cultures. It was soon found that in some cases Biaxin Antibiotics Biaxin Buy Online there was a mixed infec- tion, as indicated by the fact that the Antibiotic Biaxin serum of the patient would agglutinate both the Bacillus typhosus and at least one strain of the Bacillus paratyphosus. The study of sera which will agglutinate both organisms is of considerable interest. A recent communication on the subject, from Lucien Beco (Bulletin de I' Academic royale de medecine de Belgique, xxi, No. 5), based on the study of forty- eight cases and the results of seven animal experi- ments, emails attention to the frequency with which this phenomenon is seen, even in high dilutions. He finds that the coagglutination of both typhoid and paratyphoid bacilli by human serum is quite fre- Cheap Biaxin quent, as well as the coagglutination by experi- mental sera. The secondary agglutination of the beta paratyphoid bacillus by Biaxin 500 Mg typhoid serum is the most common ; Biaxin Online but the agglutination of the Bacillus typhosus by the serum from a case of paratyphoid fever must also be taken into serious consideration. He believes that, as a rule, the secondary^ agglutinins arise and develop parallel with the primary agglu- tinins, under the influence of the same infectious element. This last statement will bear Buy Biaxin some serious consideration. It is quite Biaxin Xl 500 generally believed that the agglutinins have a high degree of specificity, Biaxin 500mg if they are not absolutely specific, and that when a serum will agglutinate more than one organism it is customary to conclude that there is a multiple in- fection. Biaxin Cost It seems that Biaxin 500 in the light of our present knowledge of bacteria and agglutinins it is safer to adhere Biaxin Order to this interpretation. The author, however, Ijases his opinion on the fact that in the cases in which he has succeeded in obtaining coagglutina- tions Biaxin Antibiotic blood cultures have always given a single or- ganism and that sera obtained after animal innocu- hitions with a single organism have been coag- glutinating. A practical result from the studies reported by Beco is the indication given for the examination of the serum of all persons suspected of having ty- phoid fever for agglutination with paratyphoid or- ganism, as well as with Bacillus Biaxin Xl 500mg typhosms. We are able to add that in many hospitals in this country this procedure has been followed for several years. Stock cultures of Bacillus typhosus, often of numer- ous strains, and alpha and beta paratyphoid organ- isms arc always kept on hand. August 24, ISO".] NEWS ITEMS. 363 Betas Jtcms. Whooping cough will be placarded in Pittsburgh, so it is reported in the newspapers. Change of Address — Dr. John V. Shoemaker, to 1805 Walnut Street. Philadelphia. Marine Hospital for Pittsburgh, Pa Dr. .\. C. Smith, physician in charge of the United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service in Pittsburgh, has received the plans for a hospital building to accommodate forty patients. The Pennsylvania State Hospital for Epileptics, to be erected at Spring City, will accommodate 600 patients. Contracts have recently been let for live dormitory build- ings, in addition to the eight already completed. Personals — Dr. E. Guy Biaxin Price Hopkins, City Bacteriologist of Richmond, Va., has resigned, and Dr. .-K. \V. Freeman,

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