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Askew. — In Harrellsville, North Carolina, on Wednes- day, February 1st, Dr. A. H. Askew, in the sixty-second year of his age. Bartlett. — In Thomasville, Georgia, on Friday, Feb- ruary 3rd, Dr. Homer L. Flomax Vs Cardura Bartlett, of Brooklyn, N. Y., in the seventy-fifth year of his age. Donlan. — In Fitchburg, Massachusetts, on Thursday, Januai-y 26th, Dr. John M. Donlan, in the Cardura 1 Mg thirtieth year of his age. Faught. — In Cardura 10 Mg Philadelphia, Cheap Cardura on Thursday, January 26th, Dr. George C. Faught, in the forty-third year of his age. Freer. — In Washington, D. C, on Monday, February 6th, Dr. James A. Freer, in the forty-seventh year of his age. Hall. — In Granville, N. Y.. Cardura Generic Name on Friday, January 13th, Dr. Storrs Hall, in Cardura N10 the ninety-first year of his age. Hendrix. — In St. Louis, Missouri, on Saturday, January 28th, Dr. Henry F Hendrix, in the sixty-third year of his age. Jefferson. — In Cardura E10p Msds Goldenpond, Kentucky, on Thursday, January Cardura E10p 26th, Dr. Thomas B. Purchase Cardura Jefferson. Johnston. — In St. Louis, Missouri, on Tuesday, January 31st, Dr. William Johnston, in the ninety-second year of his age, Jones. — In Brooklyn, Michigan, on Monday, January 30th, Dr. L. M. Jones, in the eighty-third year of his age. Preston. — In Buffalo, Cardura Classification N. Order Cardura Y., on Saturday, February 4th, Dr. Joseph Beach Preston, in Cardura For Bph the sixty-first Cardura 6 Mg year of his age. Risk. — In Summit, New Jersey, on Tuesday, February 7th, Dr. William Cardura Vs Flomax H. Risk, in the sixty-third year of his age. Shore. — In St. Louis, Missouri, on Monday, January 30th, Dr. John Shore, in the eighty-sixth year of his age. Smith.^Iu St. Louis, Missouri on Friday, February Cardura Bph 3rd, Dr. Augusta Smith, in the seventy-fourth year of her age. Spooner. — In Utica, N. Y., on Monday, January 30th, Dr. Fred Spooner, of Sherburne, in the thirty-ninth year of his age. Sticleman. — In Floyd, Virginia, on Tuesday, January Buy Cardura Online 31st, Dr. C. M. Stigleman, in the seventy-fifth year of his age. Cardura Tablets Strong. — In Fishkill Landing, N. Y., on Thursday, Jan- uary 26th, Dr. Walter Day Otis Kellogg Strong, in the eighty-second year of his age. Thayer. — In Hamilton, Massachusetts, on Sunday, Feb- ruary 5th, Dr. Samuel E. Thayer, in the sixty-third year of his age. Wilson.— In Glenarm, Maryland, on Thursday, Febru- ary 2nd, Dr. William W. Wilson, in the seventy-ninth year of his age. Young. — In Buffalo, N. Y., on Monday, February 6th, Dr. Edson H. Young, in the forty-fifth year of his age. New York Medical Journal AND Philadelphia Medical journal. A Weekly Review of Medicine Vol. LXXXI, No. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25. 1905 Whole No. 1369. ©riginal (Comnumitutions. RESECTIOX OF Cardura E10 TWENTY-THREE INCHES OF Cardura Online GANGRENOUS INTESTINE DUE TO A VOLVULUS FOLLOWING A SECOND ATTACK OF APPENDICITIS. REPORT OF THIRTY-THREE CASES OF INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION CAUSED BY UNOPERATED APPEN- DICITIS.* By clarence A. McWILLIAMS, M. D., NEW YORK,

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