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By J. Chalmers Da Costa.- 3. The Preparation of the Specialist, a Problem in Medi- cal Education, By George E. Schambaugh. 4. what is celebrex The Present Status of Phototherapy, By J. Frank Schamberg. 5. Blastomycosis in an Infant, By J. B. Kessler. 6. Intestinal Perforation in Typhoid Fever; Its Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment, By J. E. Allaben. 7- A Case of Infantile Myxosdema, By James Frederick Clarke. 8. Bier's Treatment (" Stauungshypersmia ") in Chronic and .•\cute Surgical Infectious Diseases, By WnxY Meyer. 9. The Principles of Vaccine Therapy, By Sir Almroth celebrex buy E. Wright. 10. Evolution of Medical Education in the Army, 200 mg celebrex By Philip F. Harvey. 4. The Present Status of celebrex 100 Phototherapy. — Scham- berg gives an account of the present status of photo- therapy. Since the epoch making researches of Fin- sen, light therapy has been accorded an established place in the treatment of disease, and the treatment of lupus vulgaris represents the dominant field of useful- ness of light therapy. Nevertheless, there are other diseases in which light may be employed with advan- tage, even thought it does not supplant other methods, including lupus erythematosus, alopecia areata, acne, acne rosacea, flat vascular nsvi, certain forms of ec- zema, leg ulcers, etc. The histological changes effected in the skin by the action of light have been carefully studied by a number of observers. The findings are in general agreed on. There is a pronounced dilatation of the superficial and deep cutaneous bloodvessels with exudation of leucocytes. Sack believes the first change to be a proliferation of the endothelial lining of the celebrex 100mg bloodvessels. Meirowsky, working in Unna's labora- tory, states that the light stimulates the epithelial cells and leads to nuclear division. After intense exposures degenerative changes in the epidermis may take place and the dead cells may be cast oflf through the forma- tion of blebs. The celebrex celebrex light also causes an increase in the number of connective tissue cells and a swelling of the collagen. At the height of the process the rete muco- sum is thickened. Unna says that light makes the skin dense and harder, in that under the influence of the light the protoplasm is reduced to keratin. Moeller demonstrated the fact that light caused a hyperplasia of the epidermis and an 200 celebrex abnormal cornification. In 1S92 and 1896 Dr. Leo Aarons demonstrated that a continuous electrical current passed through a vacuum celebrex coupon tube containing a certain quantity of mercury is capa- ble of creating an 200mg celebrex arc and of generating an intensely bright light emitted by celecoxib celebrex the incaniiescent mercury vapor. Peter Cooper Hewitt, of New York, improved this lamp and made it commercially practical. This light con- tains few or no red rays and is extremely rich in blue, violet, and ultraviolet rays. The latter, however, are largely absorbed by the glass of the tube itself. To obviate this absorption of celebrex coupons the most chemically active rays t)r. E. Zchiinmer, working in celebrex price Schott's glass works, produced a glass (said to be a barium phosphate chrome glass") which is pervious to the ultraviolet fre- quencies and which, according to .Schott, permits by far the prcatcr portion of the short waves originated in the glass tube to emerge. These tubes, which are made of varying lengths, must be tilted to make the arc and to start the light. The lamp made bv Schott is called the uviol lamp, the name being celebrex mg a convenient contraction of the coupons for celebrex term ultraviolet. Another cost of celebrex mercury cost celebrex vapor lamp made of quartz with a water-cooling jacket is niac|c by Her;ius. of Hamburg. In sutniuing up his 368 PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE impressions as to ihe value of the mercury vapor lamp the author says that it appears most capable of acconi- plishing celebrex purchase good in alopecia areata, leg ulcers, and certain forms of" eczema. The light is rich in chemical rays, but lacks deep penetration. These lamps have the ad- vantage over others that a broad volume celebrex online of light is emitted which can be conveniently applied over large areas. Another very pronounced advantage is that the coupon for celebrex grade of light erythema desired may be produced and even predetermined by the distance and duration of the exposure. The dilatation of blood vessels with exuda-

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