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and conduct during the youth of the patient, whenever any reliable or complete history of that period in the patient's purchase cipro life has been obtainable. A satisfactory early history is a difficult thing to obtain. It is rarely the duty of the school teacher to examine into the eccen- tricities of young pupils. Unfortunately, the majority of parents are negligent or arc not intelligently ob- cipro 250 mg servant. cipro online For example, they fail to see a difference between the boastfulness of youth and the mingled arrogance and suspicion of an anomalous mind, and fail to be concerned with marked eccentricity. The- early manifestations of parano a include irritability with excitement, studied disobedience, outward hos- tility, moodiness, desire for seclusion, perverted sexual instincts, dreamy indolence, a belief by the patient that he is misunderstood or slighted or not treated with as much consideration as the other children of the family, inordinate satisfaction with his own opinion, and a habit of demonstrating others' inferiority: periods of depression, possibly iirecucity. Such a syndrome oi symptoms occurring in a youth should arouse the par ents or tutor to a feeling of alarm, and open their eyes to the fact that, if not already (iresent, there is a pos- sibility of the development of mental disorder. It is clearly evident that excessive stimulation of the cor- tical cells of the brain should be avoided in cipro hc such a child. He should be protected frOMi the fatigue in- cident to long cipro cost and one of great value in modifying it. But cipro order the affection is incurable. The few cases that are reported as cured, and that have even been legally rehabilitated as sane people buy cheap cipro because of the absence ot former delusions, should be under constant observa- tion until their delusions return or dementia super- venes. The medicolegal importance of paranoia is un- deniable. With a perfect memon,' and an intellect un- impaired for many years (except in so far as to be unable to see the force of valid argument, and to per- ceive the absurdity buy cipro online of his fixed idea), the average paranoiac is plausible and convincing to the layman. He is lucid on all points unconnected with or unrelated to the central idea or the delusional system. He can carrv on a business or practise a profession. It wealthy, and without occupation, he can travel, engage in sports, take part in social activities, and order his daily life much as any sane person, unless his delu- sion's involve some of these avocations. The irritabilitv and suspicion that such a person may betray, and the unreasonableness of some acts, are attributed to the ordinarv eccentricity of a selfish person. He of all in- sane persons illustrates the fallacy of the legal dictum that everyone is sane who knows the nature and qual- itv of his buying cipro online acts, and knows if they are right or wrong. Believing his standard is higher than the statute, and that the law forbidding him to do what he is prompted to do is cipro 500mg an unjust law. and therefore may be disobeyed, he reacts cipro price promptly to impulse and even calmly com- mits crime. 6. Acute Intussusception. — Bradshaw. from his ex- perience, emphasizes the following points: I. The great importance of supplying heat buy cipro to an infant under one vear of age while undergoing so serious an operation as a Japarotomv. 2. The infant should be kept sur- rounded cipro 250 with hot water bottles all the time cipro online pharmacy while on the operating table. 3. It is well, if the case is a nur- sling, to let it take the warm mother's milk as soon as it has come out from the ana;sthetic. 4. Regular nur- sing is the best heart stimulant it can receive. 5. When there is profound shock with sepsis, the plan suggested bv Murphv for the treatment of general septic per - tonitis of giving hot saline by slow, continuous recta! irrigation, is distinctly life saving. Its effect in wash- ing" out the toxines and thereby raising the opsonic index and of increasing the amount of urine secreted, purchase cipro online of relieving thirst and changing the dry tongue and the whole "septic face of the patient, is little short cipro 250mg ot magical. BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL August S, TOO/. ( .Sevciit\ -fifth Annual Meeting of the Mcdicnl So cicty.') I President's .\ddress. Science in Its .\pplicEtion to Na- tional Health. By H. D.wv. Vddrcis in Medicine. .\ Plea for .Xccnracy of Thought in Medicine, By W. H. White. V .\i!dre?s in Surgery. On the cost of cipro Contagion o: Cancer in Humprice of cipro could before, the conditions under which cancer is likely or unlikely to be accidentally coninuu*icatcd from one human being to another. All cases of reputed con- tagion of cancer in which the disease is not of the same varietv must be unhesitatingly rejected. Cases must

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