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1. The Relation of Sclerosis of the Ear to Arteriosclerosis, By SOULEYRE. 2. Anaesthesia in Surgery of the Face, By Barthelemy and Dufour. 3. The Sternal Angle and the Predisposition to Tubercu- losis, By R. RoMME. 1. The Relation of Sclerosis of the Ear to Arterio- sclerosis. — Souleyre uses the term sclerose Anafranil Clomipramine oiiquc to designate the entire group Clomipramine 10 Mg of morbid processes of the middle ear and of the internal ear and of both com- bined which are sclerotic and known under various names. He believes that they are all symptoms which belong to Clomipramine Hydrochloride the syndrome of arteriosclerosis and should be treated as such. 2. Anaesthesia in Facial Surgery. — Barthelemy and Dufour present an apparatus which they have devised for the administration of chloroform during operations on the face with a view to keeping the ansesthetizer out of the way of the operator. It is a mcJdification of Doyen's apparatus in which the mask is done away with and the vapor introduced directly into the larynx through a tube. July 31, 1907. 1. Sporotrichoses. By de Beurm.\xx and Gougerot. 2. The Examination of the Urine for Albumin, By Henri Labbe. 1. Sporotrichosis. — De Beurmann and Gougerot mention the different known forms Clomipramine For Ocd of sporotrichi and describe the several forms of the disease produced by the Sporotrichum Beitnnaiini, together vi'ith their treat- ment both general and local. They assert that sporo- trichosis is not a pathological curiosity, but a disease which the physician, in the interest of the patient, can- not afford to ignore. The diagnosis is made from the culture alone, the macroscopic appearance of the col- onies of which is very characteristic. LA SEMAINE MEDICALE. June 19, 1907. Relations Between Chronic Gastrointestinal Clomipramine 20mg Trouble's and An.-emic Conditions, By Eeox Tixier. Gastrointestinal Troubles and Anaemic Conditions. — Tixier says that fimctional insutlicicncy of the hxma- topoictic organs do not play the principal part in the production of aniemia of digestive origin, but that this part Clomipramine Buy is played by a substance in the blood which ex- erts a ha'molytic action on the blood corpuscles. This h.xmolysin is elaborated as the conse(|uencc of the more or less serious fimctional trouble of the digestive canal and possesses a double action, one destructive to the blood corpuscles, the other a stimulant to the Clomipramine Hydrochloride Tablets boiiy medulla. June ifi, 1907. Essay on the Mortality Due to .'Xctiuircd Syphilis, By Professor Charles .Xidky. Mortality Due to Acquired Syphilis. Clomipramine Tablets — Clomipramine 50mg Audr>- states that the Clomipramine Ocd world mortality of syphilis, considered spe- cifically and deuteropathically, approaches 14 or 15 per cent. July 3, 1907. 1. The International Conference in Regard to the Sleeping Sickness, By Professor R. Blaxchard. 2. The Part Played Buy Clomipramine by the Clomipramine 25mg Appendices Epiploices in Buy Clomipramine Online Hernia, ' ' By Vuluet. 1. The Sleeping Sickness. — Blanchard gives in de- tail the questions which were brought before the con- ference, the general scope of the discussion, and the prophylactic measures which were advised. July 31, 1907. 1. Is There Such a Thing as Uraemic Meningitis? By Professor R. Lepine. 2. The Prognostic Value of Hypertension and Clomipramine 50 Mg Hypoten- sion in Diabetes. 1. Is There a Uraemic Meningitis? — Lepine reports two cases of death from Bright's disease in which the autopsy revealed an intense redness of the meninges of the brain. In one case the meninges were adherent over a very small portion Clomipramine Anafranil of one temporal convolution, in the other there was great congestion of the gray substance. BERLINER KLINISCHE WOGHENSCHRIFT. July 22, 1907.

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