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ing Rosuvastatin 10 a more complete destruction of the mold, is heating dry to 100° C. This gave excellent experimental re- sults with grain, the toxine being destroyed after heat- ing for a number of hours. In years when the mold is prevalent, it is best to Crestor Price teach the Order Crestor Online peasants to heat all their grain before grinding it to flour. 4. Gabritchewski's Scarlet Fever Vaccine. — Schamarinc ri-|iort> good results with the preventive use of Gabritchewski's vaccine for scarlet fever. This vaccine is made from Purchase Crestor streptococci isolated from the blood in the hearts of children dead of scarlet fever. It Atorvastatin Rosuvastatin is a condensed bouillon culture of streptococci killed by heating to 60° C, and the addition of ^^ per cent, carbolic acid solution. F.ach c.c. contains 0.02 to 0.03 of the bacterial mass. The vaccine was first used in Moscow in 1904. Usually ten drops were injected with an ordinary hypodermic syringe. The injections were made during Buy Crestor Online an epideniic of scarlet fever, 185 persons being thus treated, as a preventive measure. A rise of temperature was observed in all but one. .\ moder- Rosuvastatin Calcium ate rise in sixly-four [>ersons, a faint rise in fifty-four, a marked rise in sixty-six. Local tenderness was seen in sixty-s-x patients, redness in the injected area in 173; swelling in 103. In many cases there Generic Crestor was a rash resembling true scarlet fever, and in five patients there was desquamation. There was a general rash in forty-three persons, a local rash in seventy; no rash in seventy-two of the 1S5 patients, only two developed scarlet fever, the remainder remained well, save that they showe.1 these temporary complications after Buy Crestor the use of the vaccine. THE JOURNAL OF NERVOUS AND MENTAL DISEASE August, 1907. 1. The Classification of Psychoneurotics, and the Obses- sional Element in their Symptoms, By George L. \V.\ltox. 2. The Use of Social Intercourse as a Therapeutical Agent in the Psvchoneuroses, a Contribution to the Art of Psvchothe'rapv. By Sidney Schwab. 3. Mvoclonus Epilepsy, with a Report of Two Additional "Cases. By Willi.^m T. Sh.\nah.^n. 1. The Classification of Psychoneurotics and Buy Cheap Crestor the Obsessional Element in Their Symptoms.— Walton con eludes from his observations that many psychoneurotics offer a combination of the symptoms classed under neurasthenia, hypochondria, folie dii doute, tic con- fulsif, habit chorea, depressive mania, and hysteria minor. Many, if not most, of their morbid meiital and physical tendencies may be traced to the obsession. In these cases the treatment is more important than the exact classification ; unless the symptoms of one or the other disorder are definitely preponderant it lends more to clearness to include the general term psycho- neurosis, or, still better, obsessive psychosis, than to insist upon a more distinctive classification. The re- sult of simple fatigue, without obsessive or other inor- bid mental tendency, is physiological, not pathological. In such cases, therefore, the term "brain fag " of Tuke would answer Rosuvastatin 10 Mg every purpose and be Order Crestor less Crestor Online misleading than neurasthenia or even phrenasthenia or psychas- thenia. The term neurasthenia, though Cheap Crestor convenient, like " nervous prostration,'" for popular use, is inac- curate, misleading, and unsatisfactory, and can be dis- carded so far as "scientific records are concerned. Nor has anv material gain been made by siibstituting psvchasthenia or phrenasthenia. The majority of the cases thus classed partake so far of the various mor- bid mental states peculiar to the ideoobsessive, that they are best included under the general designation, psvchoneurosis, or obsessive psychosis. '3. Myoclonus Epilepsy, with a Report of Two Addi- tional Cases. — Shanahan. in Crestor Mg speaking of What Is Rosuvastatin the prognosis, says that periods Purchase Crestor Online of freedom from myoclonic move- ments of Crestor Cost variable length occur, but there is no per- manent cessation. The mental condition may change but little. Death may occur in status myoclonus or from intercurrent disease as pneumonia. Treatrnent should be along general lines tcnd'ng to place a patient in the best possible physical condition. Chloral hydrate and amvlene hydrate Crestor Tablets have a marked efifect in control- ling myoclonic' movements. Bromides have an excel- lent effect in some cases. THE MILITARY SURGEON Au<^ust, 100/. I. Splenic Abscess as a Not Uncommon Complication of Grave Malarial Infection, By William Hemphill Bell. » Wounds of the Colon Treated Without Operation, By Peter R. Ecan, 1. An Epidemic of Cerebrospinal Meningitis Occurring at the ITnitcd States Naval Training Station at New- port. R. I., ^ ^ By Norman J. Blackwood. Middleton S. Gvest, John H. Iiien. and John L. Neilson.

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