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on Cancer, By S. M. Copeman. 2. The Spread of Cancer in cytotec 200mcg the Upper Lip and Its In- fluence on Treatment, By G. L. Cheati.e. .3. The Diagnosis of Addison's Disease, By Grunbaum. 4. Backward Displacements of the Uterus, By G. B. Smith. 5. Movable Spleen, By T. cytotec 400 mg G. Moorhead. 6. Notes on Two Cases of Leprosy Affecting the Eyes, By A. W. Ormonu. 7. Fons et Origo Mali Maris, or order cytotec online an Inquiry Into the Cause of Sea Sickness, By cytotec on line K. F. Lund. 8. A Review of Recent Literature on Hernia, By H. M. RiGBY. 9. A Review of Recent Work in Abdominal Surgery, By H. Upcott. 10. The Treatment of Ulcers, By B. C. Stevens. 11. Review of Dental Surgery, By J. G. Turner. 1. The Guthrie Lecture on Some Recent Research Work on Cancer. — Copeman believes that research work justifies the following tentative conclusions: That cancer is to some extent preventable. That it is not in the ordinary sense an infection, there being no evi- cytotec cost dence that its onset and development are due to micro- organisms. That it is the local manifestation buy cytotec of per- verted body metabolism, one evidence being the abey- ance of the normal hydrochloric acid secreting func- tion of the gastric mucous membrane. That tempo- rary improvement sometimes results with or without obvious delay of growth. That early and complete oper- ative measures, when possible, furnish the only satis- factory treatment at present. That it occasionally dis- appears spontaneously, the tumor ceasing to grow and becoming absorbed. That continued investigation may afford accurate knowledge of the conditions which favor spontaneous cure, and that the indications thus afforded may result in where to buy cytotec the discovery of specific treat- ment. 2. The Spread of Cancer in the Upper Lip. — Cheatle describes the method by which such growths may be removed as completely as possible. He also gives three anatomical conditions which complicate its extension and do not apply to buying cytotec cancer of the lower lip or angle of the mouth: I. Early spread to the alveolar margin of the upper jaw, especially when the disease begins in or spreads to the central part of the lip. The upper lip is shorter here than elsewhere, and is made smaller by the contracting connective tissue which encircles and pervades cancer. Atrophy of the normal tissue also diminishes the natural size of the lip. 2. The rela- tion of the disease to the cytotec order alae online pharmacy cytotec nasi, and the columella. If cancer begins in the upper lip the columella is in- vaded before the alae nasi. The septal origin of the orbicularis oris is an easy cytotec price path for the disease to reach the columella. 3. The presence of the facial groups of lymphatic glands. If cytotec buy online the buccinator group of glands is present it should be included in the incisions for online cytotec re- moval of small cancers at the angle of the mouth. 3. The Diagnosis of Addison's buy cheap cytotec Disease. — Grunbaum observes that early diagnosis is all important, though often very difficult. The disease gives rise to definite signs and symptoms and usually to marked lesions of the medulla of the suprarenal gland. The- solar plexus is frequently diseased', owing to the influence of the secretion of the gland in stimulating the sympathetic system. Pathognomonic signs cytotec mg are asthenia, pigmenta- tion, vomiting, and attacks of faintness. If these symp- toms are well marked the diagnosis is not difficult, but when purchase cytotec they have become evident the chances of success- ful treatment are not good. Transplantation has been found successful in animals, and may some day be ajjplied cytotec 200 mcg to man. Early diagnosis will, however, still be essential. Quite recently the opsonic index of the serum for the tubercle bacillus has been used to assist diagnosis. 4. Backward Displacements of the Uterus. — Smith gives the following as a summary of his views: i. Many cases of backward displacement are unattended by symptoms, and need cytotec cheap no treatment. 2. Congenital cases have symptoms, cytotec 200 mg such as dysmenorrhcea and .sterility, which are not referable to the displacement, August 24, 1907.] PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES.

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