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idea that all has been said on the matter in hand in the shorter books. The subject matter in this work is arranged as an elementary course and an advanced course, with an appendix. In the elementary course tfie subjects treated of are: (i) The elements contained in phys- iological compounds; (2) the carbohydrates; (3) the fats; (4) the proteins; (5) foods; (6) the digestive juices; (7) the blood and respiration; and (8) the urine. In the advanced course the following subjects are treated: (i) Carbohydrates; (2) the action of malt upon Dilantin Ex starch; (3) the crystallization Dilantin 50 Mg of egg Dilantin 500 Mg albumin; (4) the proteoses; (5) digestion; (6) haemoglobin and its derivatives; (7) serum; (8) coagulation of the blood; (9) muscle and nervous tissue; (10) urea and chlorides in the urine; (11) phosphates and sulphates in the urine; (12) uric acid and creatinin; and (13) the urinary pigments. In the appendix hsemocytometers, haemoglobinometers, polarization of light and polari- meters, the relation between circular polarization and chemical constitution, mercurial air pumps, the analy- Dilantin 400 Mg sis of gases, Kjeldahl's method of estimating nitrogen, Dilantin Pharmacology solution, diffusion, dialysis, and osmosis are consid- ered. A Manual of Diseases of the Nose, Throat, and Ear. By E. B. Gleason, M. D., LL. D., Clinical Professor of Otology Dilantin 1 G in the Medico-Chirurgical College, Phila- delphia, etc. Illustrated. Philadelphia and London : W. B. Saunder^ Company, 1907. Pp. 556. (Price, $2.50.) The author has aimed to prepare a manual to sup- ply students and general practitioners with the essen- tial facts of rhinolog}', laryngology, and otology in a concise, practical form that is needed by the many medical men who cannot refer patients with such com- plaints to any near at hand specialist. The more important facts in the anatomy, physiol- ogy, and pathology of Dilantin 330 Mg the nose, throat, and ear are re- viewed ; and Dilantin 30 Mg the methods of examination and of diag- nosis of diseases of these organs are described with detail proportionate to the purpose of the book. There is a collection of formulas, with a description of the better method of use of some of the more important drugs. The book is well illustrated and is likely Too Much Dilantin to prove a useful working manual. IHisallaitn The Medical Corps in the Russian-Japanese War. — The AUgemeine Militararstliche Zcilung, in reporting the transactions of the Society of Sanitary Officers of the Ninth Army Corps summarizes a paper by Staff Surgeon Gottwald on the Medical Corps Dilantin 230 Mg in the Russian-Japanese war. At the beginning of the war the Russian Medical Corps was totally unprepared, practical surgical methods had not been adopted and everywhere their slight independence made itself ap- parent. The war proved that a scheme for troop and principal dressing stations {Truppen und Hauptver- bandplatsc) will not do. Everything depends upon the adaptability and the preparedness to meet quickly un- foreseen Dilantin 200 Mg emergencies. The first bandages applied were often very primitive. Wreden desired the best quality Dilantin 130 Mg of first aid packet, protected against infection, espe- cially by flies, and containing well corked spirits of soap and tincture of iodine. He estimates 17 to 20 per cent, loss of Dilantin 150 Mg official strength by death from wounds. Out of four or five wounded having perforated wounds one died. The inadequate means for transportation of the sick and wounded in the East Siberian Rifle Regi- ment necessitated the improvisation of many things such as using mule drawn carriages at the first place captured. The railway transportation of the wounded had promised much and while on the one hand were the most luxurious accommodations, on the other wretched equipment or none at all. The removal of the wounded was therefore always critical, also the transportation of the numerous insane was poorly managed. — The Military Surgeon, February, 1907. Relation of Antitoxine to Globulin During Diphtheria Immunization. — Dilantin 350 Mg Lednighani concludes that: During the immunization of a horse which ultimately failed to yield high grade antitoxic serum, the globulin content of the total proteid showed no tendency to increase. The slight Dilantin Xr rise in total proteid which occurred was due to an increase in the albumin fraction. It is probable that the failure of this horse to yield high grade anti- toxine was in some way connected with the initial high globulin content of the serum. During the immuniza- tion of a goat, the rise in total proteid affected mainly Dilantin 600 Mg the albumin fraction and the globulin fraction in lesser degree. During the immunization of a horse which ultimately yielded high grade antitoxic serum, the per- centage globulin content of the Cheap Dilantin total proteid, progres- sively increased. This increase affected the euglobulin fraction more than the pseudoglobulin fraction. In the horse the pseudoglobulin contains the greater part Dilantin 125 if not all the antitoxine, but it seems probable that this relationship holds good only when the antitoxine con- Dilantin 250 Mg tent of the serum is steadily rising. In the goat the antitoxine content of the euglobulin and pseudoglobulin

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