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inates excised cheap sildenafil citrate transversely or longitudinally, and the incised edges of the rectal wall closed with order eriacta chromocized catgut. Resection of the rectum is accomplished after separating the rectum from its cellular attachments with the finger. This is easily done where there are no adhesions. buy sildenafil citrate online The gut is surrounded high up and closed tightly with a tape, two such constric- tions being made, that the gut may be divided be- tween them, with as little discharge of faecal matter as possible into the field of operation. A large silk ligature is then applied around the distal end of the ranbaxy eriacta order sildenafil citrate rectum as close as possible to the anorectal margin. The lower end of the rectum is then denuded, and the remaining end brought down to the mucocuta- neous margin and sutured with absorbable or non- absorbable material. After removal by any method, all bleeding ves- sels should be secured with absorbable material, fol- lowed by firmly packing the rectal cavity with gauze around a noncollapsible rubber tube extending into the sigmoid and out of sildenafil citrate 100mg the anus. Resection per abdomen is indeed of rare occur- rence. It is necessary only when the neoplasm in- volves the colon or sigmoid. The complete removal by resection of sufficient gut is demanded, on ac- count of the proneness of villous papillomata to re- cur. This is the only means of giving assurance of eradication in buy sildenafil citrate their early development. Case I. — Ouain. 1855, relates the following case: ■' A lady. ag;ed sixty-eight years, who commonly had Spodmcn of first grontb. glandular elements October :.T.. l9(Mi. ObJ. 4. Oc. 1. good lioalth, though not a robust person, began to suf- fer sildenafil citrate 50mg inconvenience in the lower bowel about seven years before she came under my care, eriacta uk and for the last two years was in constant uneasiness or pain. I found with every f.Tcai evacuation and even willi the escape of flatus, that a tumor was protruded from the bowel. The descent of the tumor was attcnilcii with a dis- diarge of slimy mucus, and the loss of blotul of a considcrabli' anuuinl. Tlic niass was replaced each 3^4 R/C KBITS: VILLOUS PAPILLOMATA OP THE RECTUM. t'liie by a servant. The tumor, when partially pro- lapsed, was found to be a large, pulpy mass, separable into several loosely connected lobes, consisting- of pen- cil like processes, the whole surface being covered over with blood and mucus. eriacta online The connection with the bowel was nearly three inches from its orifice and towards its back part. The pedicle was about two inches broad. buy eriacta slandular elements, removed Obj. 4, Oc. 1. I removed the growth, guarding against hemorrhage with a ligature. " Eighteen months after removal purchase sildenafil citrate she was free from inconvenience of anv kind in the bowel, as well as from any indication of the disease. " The tumor was about five inches long by two inches in breadth, and composed of elongated slender pro- cesses hanging loosely together upon a basis of white fibrous tissue, the processes resembled villi, but on a colossal scale, and were a bttle enlarged eriacta tablets at the ends, club shaped. They were highly vascular; arteries were detected even in the most minute parts, and it was ob- served that each was covered with ranbaxy eriacta 100 a delicate basement membrane, over which was a layer of columnar epi- thelium. " The broad character of the growth seemed to me to be formed of elongated processes — villi (whence the distinctive name ?) the want of solidity or firmness, from the small amount of connective tissue ; the ex- treme vascularity and the slight restraint to the escape of blood on account apparently of the coats of the buy eriacta online vessels being extremely thin and but slightly protected from without. When placed in spirit for preservation the elongated mass cheap eriacta besides undergoing the usual change of color, owing to the escape of blood, shrank into a rounded body the s'ze of an orange, the villous pro- cesses at the same time shrinking in proportion." II. — T. Holmes, 1X60. records the case of an

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