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pendent layers which bled excessively when handled. 'I'hc lobulated character of the mass was very apparent. Patient was ordered to the Charity Hospital on P.lack- vvcll's Island, but not caring to go, he left with his friends, and I never heard of him again." Case VLII. — Dr. Goodsall, 1881, exhibited an adult male, who was under his care suffering from a large, villous polypus of the rectum; the mass was about the size of an orange, and was rough and tuberculated on the surface. There was a frequent and copious watery discharge from the rectum. He had never lost more than half an ounce of order femara blood at any one time, nor was he losing flesh in any marked degree. The pedicle of the tumor was well within reach of the finger, and of sufficient length to allow of the painless extrusion of the mass. Case IX. — Dr. George J. Cook, 1889, mentions a female, aged forty years, mother of several children, and still menstruating. About five years previous she began to have at times some pain in the rectum and sacral region, dull and aching in character, and noticed occasionally a free discharge of mucus. These symp- toms of rectal disease gradually increased until the pain became almost constant during the daytime, when she was up, and the discharge of mucus was of daily occurrence. During the previous six months she had been loosing flesh and strength rapidly, femara mg and now was confined to bed most of the time on account of general weakness and the distress in the rectum in the upright /' ' »purchase femara would present at the anus while straining at stool, but never entirely prolapsed, and occasionally purchase femara online some blood was lost, there was one natural passage from the bowels daily ; but several times a day a large quantity of thin mucus would pass, sometimes a half a pint or more at once; appcttc was poor, and the skin was pale and waxy. Digital Rxaminalion. — A tumor was recognized in rectal pouch well above internal sphincter muscle, so slippery that it was with difficulty held beneath the finger for examination. It was of a spongy consis- August 31. 1007.] RICKETTS: riLLOi'S PAPILLOMATA OF THE RECTUM. 387 tence, with no induration and femara tablets firmly attached to the posterior rectal wall. When the patient was placed under an anjesthetic and the sphincters dilated, buy cheap femara the tumor was easily drawn outside. It was the size of a large hen's egg and of a bright arter-al color, without a pedicle, but grew from the gut wall by a broad base. A fold of mucous mem- brane was dragged down to allow it to come outside I'lG. II. femara price — Specimen of second giowth il May S, 190T. the anus, there buy femara was some generic femara thickening of the fibrous tis- sue at the buy femara online base, and from this sprang long, villous pro- cesses, which composed the bulk of the tumor, each one of these increased in size from the base toward the free extremity, .giving the ends a clubbed appear- ance. The outl'ne of the tumor was very distinct, with- out a surrounding zone of congested or femara cost femara online inflamed mem- brane, but the healthy cheap femara tissue came up to the outer row of villi. order femara online The contrast in color was marked and the surrounding membrane pale, owing to the great de- bility of the patient, and the tumor was of a bright arterial hue.

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