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Tuttle. Diseases of the Rectum, Anus, and Colon, pp. 7.^8-747, 1902. Kelsey Diseases of the Rectum and .Inus, pp. 264-265, Fourth edition, 1893. .Mlingham. Diseases Generic Flonase Nasal Spray of the Rectum, pp. 46, 472, 1896. GLAUCOMA. The Importance of lis Early Recognition.* By Mary Buchanan, M. D., Philadelphia. After promising to read a paper this evening, I was casting about for a subject on " eyes," yet of interest to tlie general practitioner, when a living text presented itself at Alternative To Flonase the Presbyterian Hospital Rye Clinic almost in answer to my prayer. The patient, a woman, fifty-one years old, was being treated for " change of life." She was con- fnied to bed last July and August, and was visited regularly by her family physician. She says tiic sight failed suddenly in her left eye. It seemed to have Purchase Flonase Online a scum over it, was red and swollen, and was intensely painful — in fact she was unable Flonase Generic Price to sleep for the pain. She told lier dortor about it, and with- • lloml hcf.irc Flonase Alternatives tlip Mi-dlc-nl Siir|i>iv of Iho Womnn'g IIoRpltnJ of l>lillnillllil. April !.->. IHDT. out taking the trouble to examine the eye, he told her to bathe it in hot water, and that she had prob- ably taken cold ! When she appeared at the clinic, she had an eye- ball as hard as stone, and as blind. The slight haze of the cornea, the dilated pupil, nonresponsive to light, with the shallow anterior chamber, told the story Order Flonase Online without taking the tension and making the ophthalmoscopic examination to prove it. (See Fig. I.) This is a desperate example of ignorance and in- diiiference on the part of the attending Flonase Nasal Spray Generic physician, but Flonase Generic Cost unfortunately it is not an isolated case. Even now there is a woman in Flonase 0.05 the Polyclinic who has lost both e> es because her doctor treated her for Flonase Rxlist weeks for keratitis! I remember another where the oculist was called to see a patient in consultation out of town, and when he arrived the phvsician said glee- fully, " Well, doctor, Fve got the pupil dilated for you ; I've been soaking it in the atropine." .Vnd thus he had treated an eye with acute glaucoma ! \'olumes could be written, and have been, upon glaucoma, and I would not iiripose upon your time and patience discussing all its phases, but will sketch briefly its setiology, pathology, and symptoms which a general practitioner should know and recognize. The term glaucoma Flonase Generic Equivalent is applied to any condition where the intraocular pressure Flonase Discount is increased. It is a very grave disease, and unless arrested early, means blindness, and as both eyes are usually atYected in tiie primary forms, tiic prognosis Cheap Flonase is still more hope- less. It is divided into two fonns: (i) Primary glaucoma, coming on indeiXMidently of previous Flonase Ns in- flammation or trainnatism : and (2) secondary glau- coma, that which follows either of these and is caused Flonase Generic Name by them. According 10 duration it is divideij into acute, subacute, and chronic glaucoma. Chronic may be either inllamm.itory, or noninflannnatory, i. e., simple. If you will try to remember the anatomy of the eye you will recall the canal of Schlemm and the Flonase Acne spaces (if l-'ontana, which are situated in the most anterior portion of the sclera, and completely Buy Generic Flonase sur- round the cornea and drain the aqueous lunnor from 390 BUCHANAN: GLAUCOMA. the anterior chamber. Schlemm's canal is realh' a venous plexus and is separated by a thin membrane from the angle formed by the iris with the cornea. Nearly all the fluid of the eye is drained off by Schlemm's canal, and this angle is known as the fil- tration angle. Flonase Canada (See Fig. 5.) The ciliary body, Flonase Coupons Printable

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