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one. One case presented slight consolidation of both apices, another consolidation of the right apex with infiltration of the left. One patient, who upon physical examination was supposed to have slight infiltration of one apex ancl a thickened pleura, proved at autopsy to be a case of acute miliary tu- berculosis. Technique Employed. The technique employed by Dr. Rosenberger is as follows : A spread of the fasces Glycomet 500 is made, there being no effort at selection of any particular mass or por- tion; if the stool is solid a small portion is mixed with sterile distilled water. After Glycomet Gp1 drying and fix- ing, the spread is stained with carbol fuchsine for fifteen to twenty minutes in the cold. The excess of stain being drained ofif, Glycomet 850 Pappenheim's solution (consisting of a i per cent, solution Glycomet 850 Mg of rosolic acid in absolute alcohol, to which is added methylene blue to the point of saturation and a small quantity of glycerin) is applied, and ichcii the preparation is of the color of Glycomet Gp2 the counter stain {methylene blue) thorough washing in water is resorted to, the spread being then dried and mounted in balsam. The most important part in the technique is the obtaining of a spread the color of the counter stain with not a particle of carbo! fuchsine showing to Glycomet 500 Mg the naked eye. Dr. Rosenberger alleges Glycomet 250 that in this technique there is no other acid or alcohol fast bacilli observed except the tubercle bacillus. Report of Glycomet 1gm Cases. The cases I am reporting occurred in Dr. A. A. Eshner's service at the Philadelphia Hospital, where 1 serve as Assistant \'isiting Physician. Case I. — G. Br., a colored man of forty-three years of Glycomet Price age, was admitted to the ho.spital on February 14, 1907. The family history was negative. In 1898, while Glycomet Tablet in Cuba, the patient suffered from Glycomet Gp chills, which had re- curred several times since. In November. 1906, he suf- fered from headache, some fever, cough, loss of weight, and general weakness, and was treated Glycomet Tablets at the Philadel- phia Hospital for influenza. The illness for which the patient entered the hospital began two weeks before ad- mission with epistaxis, headache, anorexia, pain in the back and alidonien, vomiting, and diarrhaa. The patient was well developed, but was very stupid and dull. Physical examination showed a well devel- oped chest. Expansion was fair, but was not Glycomet Gp 2 so good on the left side as on the right. Fremitus was slightly increased on the right side. There was slight impair- ment of resonance at both apices. Buy Metformin Online The breath sounds were rather harsh at both apices. At the right apex there were a few very small rales, and scattered through both lungs were many sonorous rales. The heart sotmds were very distant and weak. The examination of the abdomen was negative. The urine did not con- Glycomet Sr tain albunu'n. The VVidal reaction was Glycomet 500mg negative. No animal parasites were found in the fa:ces. Tuber- cle bacilli were present in the f;eces. but were not found in the sputum. The temperature was irregular. The patient coughed very little. For two weeks he remained in a lethargic state, but complaining of pain in his head. In four weeks' time, however, he was working about the ward with normal temperature. Case II.— fl. Re., aged forty-tivc years, was ailmit- tcd January 19. 1907. Both the family Glycomet 500 Sr history and the past medical history were negative. The patient had Iwcn drinking for two weeks before admission. when he developed abdominal pain, headache, lassitude, and diarrhoea. For a month previous he had had a cough, but no expectoration. The patient was a fairly well developed man, but was pale. There were depressions above and below the clavicles. Fremitus and vocal resonance were in- creased on both sides anteriorly. Whispered sounds were heard. Anteriorly the percussion note was slight- ly higher pitched on the left than on the right, but everj'where seemed hyperresonant. The expiratory sound was harsh Glycomet Sr 500 and prolonged over the anterior por- tion of both lungs. Posteriorly there was dulness at the right base with distant breath sounds. The heart showed raj'ocardial degeneration. The abdomen was tympanitic and exhibited slight resistance. E.xamina- tion was otherwise negative. The urine was normal. The white blood cells numbered 7,800. The Widal re- action was not present. The faeces Buy Metformin contained tubercle bacilli, but no animal parasites. The diarrhoea persisted until the patient's death. The cough disappeared after one month. The temperature remained irregular. Examination made two months and ten days after admission showed slight infiltration of the right apex and a thickened pleura over the right base.

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