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of tuberculous lesions in the genito-urinary tract? 'The imtlcnf sliorllv nftorwni'd wnB ncnln iidinlllpcl tn tlio Miinlcliml Ilnspltnl with Bvmptoms slmlliir to llmsc cxlilhltcd (liirliiK hl8 Httn.-k of 600 ibuprofen monlnKiflR. He Is still In llic husplliil, dlaR- rupHtlfiilod as a cnse of chronic monlnRltlB. August 31. in07.] JWEIXSTEIX: CHRONIC INDIGESTION. 395 Does the presence of tubercle bacilli in tlie faeces indicate the dosage ibuprofen existence of a tuberculous acetaminophen with ibuprofen infection in the absence of symptoms or of demonstrable lesion ? Some believe ibuprofen acetaminophen that in cases of pulmonary tubercu- losis in which the intestines are not involved tubercle bacilli gain access to the bowel by means of swal- lowed sputum. Interesting in this connection is the absence of expectoration in several of my patients. It is possible that in some cases tubercle bacilli in the fsces may point to the bowel as being the portal of entrance rather than of exit. Their pres- ence may have some bearing on the theory as ibuprofen mg to the intestines being the portal of entry in the majority of tuberculous infections. Normal persons in whose fasces tubercle bacilli dose ibuprofen are found might therefore represent cases who are just being attacked or who are resisting the efforts of the bacteria to gain a foothold. Between these and well marked cases of tuberculosis all gradations may exist. The frequent occurrence of ischiorectal abscess and fistula in ano in patients suffering from pul- monary tuberculosis may possibly be explained by the presence of tubercle bacilli in the bowel of all such cases. May acetaminophen or ibuprofen there not be carrier cases of tuberculosis ; persons who ibuprofen and motrin harbor tubercle bacilli, without becom- ing themselves infected thereby, but who neverthe- less may infect others motrin is ibuprofen with tuberculosis? More extensive investigations over dosage of ibuprofen a much greater number of cases w'ill be necessary to deter- mine many of the questions here propounded. An important public health problem, however, is un- doubtedly presented by thus demonstrating the in- fectivity of the bowel evacuations of tuberculous patients. It has also been shown that the finding of tubercle bacilli in the dosage for ibuprofen faeces upon bacteriological examination may be a means of early diagnosis in tuberculosis. 41 10 Parkside Avenue. TREATMENT OF CHRONIC INDIGESTION. By Harris Weinstein, M. D., New York, Attending Physician to the Stomach Department of the German Polyclinic and of the Beth-Israel Hospital Dispensary. The question of treatment of chronic indigestion is ibuprofen motrin of peculiar interest to ibuprofen use the physician, in view of the agitation that is going on in favor of operative intervention in these cases. It is significant, how- ever, that the internist does not favor operative pro- advil ibuprofen cedures, and his opinion in this matter is certainly deserving of respectful consideration. The surgeon bases his claims for operative interference in chron- ic indigestion upon the poor results attendant upon medical treatment, and he advises operative proce- dures in all such patients who do not show improve- ment after a few weeks of internal medication. This teaching is, in my opinion, not only unwarranted, but directly dangerous. It tends to confuse the gen- eral practitioner and lie frefiuently finds himself in a dose of ibuprofen dilemma wiien confronted with a case of this char- acter. He is loath to advise use of ibuprofen operative procedures when he finds no positive indications for such treat- ment, and at the same time he is in fear of causing his patient irretrievable injury by continuing inter- nal medication ; for was he not warned again and again bv tlie surgeon ag;iinst procrastination in just such cases. Such a ibuprofen and acetaminophen rash and unwarranted opinion can only spring from insufficient appreciation of un- derlying pathological conditions, advil and ibuprofen and inability to properly diagnosticate and treat gastric diseases. To me it dose for ibuprofen is quite clear that the question of treat- ment of chronic indigestion hinges upon a proper diagnosis of the condition and upon the application

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