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August 31, 1<»»7.1 VON TILING: INFLAMMATION. 399 two or three minutes. \o large incisions, no pack- Lamictal Mg ing of the wound is required. The rubber bandage, on the other hand, Generic Lamictal is applied anywhere from one to twenty-two hours a day. The technique is not easy and requires some experience and strict attention to the Lamotrigine Lamictal cases. The first and most remarkable effect of the hyperemia is that the pain is almost in- variably relieved. This fact is so constant that Bier time and again has said, if the bandage increases in- stead of lessens the pain it is not properly applied. How this remarkable fact is to be explained is not quite clear, probably the serous impregnation dilutes those bodies which cause the pain or decreases the sensibility of the nerves. One might think that Lamictal Use such an impregnation would cause pressure and more pain, but experience shows Cheap Lamictal that hypersemia lessens pain. Next the limb begins to swell and to get oedematous ; during the tinie when the bandage is not applied this oedema disappears. From fresh Buy Lamictal Online wounds or sinuses Lamictal Online there is a considerable oozing Order Lamictal Online during the time the bandage is applied. Joints which were stiff and painful can be moved without much pain. And the result of this method of treatment seems to be that acute inflammations are cured quicker and. what is especially important, that the function of the joints and tendons is saved and re- gained to a far greater degree than was possible with the antiphlogistic regime. .\nd what the rub- ber band does for a limb the vacuum cup does for those parts of the body where a bandage cannot be applied. .A.nd if we ask now. how this passive hyperasmia can have such great results, we must say that many here involved Order Lamictal questions are not yet answered. First, we must get rid of the idea that such a slow mov- ing blood current as that of the passive hypersemia is a disturbance of nutrition : it is rather an improve- ment of the nutrition. And it is justified to Rash Lamictal say that the application of the suction cup on a furuncle or an infected wound would remove some of the bac- teria and toxines from the wound. In comparison we may think of the practice of sucking out a snake bite. In the same wa\' tiie rubber bandage seems to act. in that it practically reverses the lymph current and certainly presses out much of the toxines of an infected wound or an open abscess. But that is cer- tainly not all. -Another point is that with the in- creased amount of serum and leucocytosis in the in- fected area goes liand in hand an accumulation of the bacterial principle of the blood, and with in- creased passive hyperemia the diapedesis of the leucocytes is of course increased. Furthermore, the increased amount of serum tends towards diluting the toxines of the bacteria, and at the same time tlie resorption from the affected limb is greatly retarded i)y tile rubber bandage. One might think that after removal of Lamictal Discontinuation the bandage there would lie a rather sud- den ovcrfloodint; of the body with toxines and endo- loxines. This is to a certain extent probably true ( vvc will come back to this point a little later), but there seems to be a faculty with all living cells to destroy toxines, antl this destroying; seems to be go- ing (in — perhaps In an Lamictal Buy increasePurchase Lamictal Online tiie eiidotoxinc Lamictal Lamotrigine theory into our consideration. This apparently very well founded endoto.xine theory says that in addition to Buy Lamictal the toxines, which the bacteria produce and against which the organism produces Lamictal Xr its antibodies, there come into the circulation through the bacteriolysis these so called endotoxines which are set free by the dissolution of the bodies of the bacteria. If too man}- bodies of bacteria are suddenly destroyed and" in this way very many endotoxines brought into the circulation the patient dies from Purchase Lamictal too rnany Buy Cheap Lamictal endotox- ines. that is. because too many of the bacteria have suddenly been destroyed. For this reason it has always been advocated to use the bactericidal sera — for instance, the so called diphtheria antitoxine which contains not only antitoxines to neutralize the toxines, but has also bactericidal properties — as early as possible, before there are so many bacilli in the body that the sudden liberation of the endotox- ines would be disastrous. Still better results one gets by prophylactic use. by making the person im- mune, that is, resistant against the infection. As with this serum therapy the whole body is made re- sistant, so Mikulicz made the peritonaeum resistant against an infection by causing a slight aseptic in- flammation, producing with it a hyperaemia with the presence of an increased amount of bactericidal

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