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they outlast the remainder of the building, for tile as a building material has no rival lasix 40 mg in durabihty. But if quite unadorned, the white walls are apt to look monotonous. It is possible, however, to apply lasix and potassium a decoration to these white tile, which is as lasting as they are themselves. They may be beautified by the designer, and there is no reason why the lasix renal won- derful designs wliich the museums show in this work should not be found imitated, in some small meas- ure at least, on the walls of the institutions built for the public good, where they would give plca.sure to others beside the children. lasix mg And in addition to the decoration of tile by means of designs, there is another form which is also as lasting as the tile themselves. They can be painted upon ; and the pictures may be as varied in subject as the painter's ideas. The colors do nr)t fade from exposure to air or light, because lasix with potassium the painting is exe- cuted in a certain kind of fire paint which, when it leaves the painter's hands, is subjected to a high temperature so that the colors may be burned in. Pictures, and more particidarly colored ones, have a great fascination for all, and the children more especially. Most of the stories the children know are learned from pictures; and every picture affords some subject for their calculations. The pictures of the walls are often the most vivid form of their childish imaginings, and give color to the pictures they themselves create. The designs and repeats are so many lasix purchase parts in their scheme of calculation, and the more intricate they are, so much the more interest- ing are they. Children live much in a world of " make believe ; ' and the prettier and gayer the figures and pictures 1 m the walls are, the gayer will online lasix be the people of their world, and the easier will be the figures to follow with which they calculate. 313 Corcoran Building. POLICE METHODS FOR lasix furosemide THE SANITARY CON- TROL OF PROSTITUTION /)[ Some of the Cities of Germany. By Frederic Bierhoff, M. D. New York. .\ttmciiiig I'hysician, Uci-miiii Dispensary. Dermatological De- paitmGnt ; Corresponding Member of I'Assofiation (ran^aise d'urologie, etc. (Continued from page .359.) LEIPSIC. The regulations governing this city are very simi- lar in character to lasix cheap those in force in the city of Berlin. lasix 40mg Leipzig, one of the most important industrial cities of the German Empire, the principal manufac- lasix for turing city of Saxony, tablet lasix and the seat of command of the nineteenth army corps, has a population lasik lasix of one half million, including a garrison of six thousand men. iv lasix As is the case in all of the larger German cities, the number of prostitutes lasix order is out of all proportion to the population. I was unable to obtain an idea of even their lasix to buy approximate number. Houses of pros- titution are not allowed, and potassium lasix those women who give themselves up to- public prostitution are inscribed at police headquarters and examined by the physician? appointed to this duty by the police authorities. I have it upon reliable authority that no examinations whatever are made for gonococci at police head- quarters, and that an examination to discover their |)resence or absence during the prostitutes' stay at the hospital is entircl_\- at the option of the attend- ing physician. The same authority also informs me that the methods in use are superannuated and an- tiquated. Certainly an inspection of the city hos- ]iital where these women are confined soon proves this statement, for I found the institution filthy and the attendants exceedingly slipshod and careless. I did not witness the mode of examination, for I was informed by the same authority that it would prove exceedingly un.satisfactory. The regulations buy lasix online gov- erning the public prostitutes, who arc imdcr police control, are as follows : Regulations for tiu; ]?eii.\viok of Those Females SuiiJECTED TO THE CONTROL OF THE MoRALS' Police in the City of Leipsic. For those females sojourninjj in lasix buy the city of Leipzig given to public prostitution, who are. by virtue of pani- August :n, liiOT.J BIERHOFF: PROSTITUTION IX GERMANY.

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