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401 graph 361. special division 6. of the National Penal Code, to be placed under the control of the morals police, the following regulations apply, which hereby go into force in place of the similar regulations of the 1 2th of November. 1886. with the addendum of the 24th of October, 1889. which are hereby suspended. The females in question are forbidden : 1. To look out of the windows of their rooms, so that they may be perceived from the outside. 2. To live in rooms the windows of which are not covered with thick curtains, to prevent a view from without. 3. To live Cheap Levaquin in ground floor apartments. 4. To excessively or conspicuously illuminate their dwellings during Levaquin 500 darkness, or to affix colored lanterns or other conspicuous marks to the same. 5. All loud singing, playing of musical instruments, loud laughter, and such other conduct in their rooms as might disturb the Levaquin 750 Mg peace or annoy neighbors. 6. To permit the entrance to their dwellings of young, dependent persons, such as apprentices and scholars of the educational institutions of this city. 7. To shelter, under any circumstances, male persons for the night, and to permit such to enter their dwell- ings between the hours of two and seven a. m., as well as secretly (that is, without the permission of the police) to shelter females in their dwellings. 8. To arrange drinking Levaquin 750 bouts, and the giving of drinks to men in their dwellings. 9. To live with landlords who rent to single Levaquin Levofloxacin men — furthermore, to live with the Levaquin Online owners of public resorts, particularlj' saloon keepers, as well as to serve in such resorts as waitresses or servants, and similarly to act as saleswomen in drinking resorts. 10. To pass the night outside of their dwellings, par- ticularly with men, and to pass the night as the guest of other females who are suspected of public prostitu- tion. 11. To stand in front of, in. or behind the entrance doors, as well as to stroll in front of the house. 12. To entice males, whether Levofloxacin Levaquin by words or sounds, Buy Cheap Levofloxacin or through signs and gestures, such as winking, smiling, sharply looking at, etc., as well as to give their visiting cards or photographs to males. 13. To wear conspicuous or indecent clothing, to smoke cigars or cigarettes, as well as to walk, or stand, or sit in the company of a so called lover, or with a number of females who are subjected to these regula- tions, upon the streets, squares, or at other public places. 14. To stroll about in a conspicuous or aimless man- ner upon the streets, squares, and promenades, and the streets of the suburbs, particularly to 500 Mg Levaquin walk up and down repeatedly, in pairs, except for some particularly valid reason ; to walk conspicuously slowly and to look about Levofloxacin 500 frequently, and this as well in the daytime as particularly at night, after the Levaquin Cheap beginning of the illumi- nation of the streets. 15. To walk upon and be upon the streets of the city during the later hours of the evening and night, from nine Levaquin Buy o'clock on. (It is, however, permitted them to pass through the streets in a closed cab, even after this Buy Levaquin hour.) 16. To drive Levaquin Mg in open cabs, or equipages, and to ride upon the Purchase Levaquin public bridle paths. 17. To sit upon the benches placed upon the public promenades. i8. To enter the Rosenthal. Johanna Park, and Levaquin 500 Mg Schei- benpark, as well as to use the promenade paths of the city forests, and to rove about in the latter. IQ. To visit the race at the time of the races. JO. To enter the municipal theatres, the municipal as well as other nuiseuins. public art exhibitions, the new and the old Gcwaiulhaus, and. Buy Levofloxacin Online simil.irlv, the zoological ganlen 21. To visit the parquet, the first balcony and the boxes in the Carola Theatre, and the boxes and re- served seats in the circus. 22. To visit military parades and the public concerts. Levofloxacin 500 Mg as well as to frequent public restaurants and pastry- shops. It is Permitted: Buy Levofloxacin

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