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thereafter. No change is hereby made in the obliga- tion of landlords in general to give notice to the police of females taking quarters with them from that as specified in the regulations of notification for the city of Leipsic. of the 4th of December, 1890. 8. The dwellings of females standing under morals police control are to be inspected frequently during the day, as well as in the evening and night, by the execu- tive oflScials of the police authorities, for the purpose of the effectual carrying out of this control, and the females in question have, therefore, to permit, at anv time, entrance to their dwellings to the officials Levothroid Synthroid en- trusted therewith. Levothroid Generic They have, in general, to refrain from any disobedience, refractory, Levothroid 75 Mg or ungovernable be- havior toward the executive officials of the police board*. 9. The police board reserves the right on grounds of public morals to forbid the dwelling in specified houses or specified streets of females standing under morals po- lice control, or Levothroid 88 Mcg also to compel them tomove out of a pre- vious dwelling when, because of their actions, the neigh- borhood or adjoiningresidentsof the Levothroid 100 Mcg house are annoyed, or because arty other grounds for justified complaints are given. The females in question must obey the or- ders of the police board in this regard at once, and without objection. 10. Any one committing a breach of one or another of the preceding regulations will be punished with im- prisonment, according to paragraph 361, subdivision 6, of the National Penal Code. Leipsic^ February 20, 1891. The Police Board Is Levothroid Generic of the City of Leipsic, Bretschneider. . Addendum to the regulations of the 20th of Feb- ruary, 1891, for the behavior of females placed under the morals police control in the city of Leipzig. Under partial suspension of the regulation contained in No. 22 of part I of the foregoing regulations, the following is hereby ordered: It is forbidden those females standing under morals police control to visit the public civic masquerade balls. Breaches of this Levothroid Vs Levothyroxine prohibition will be punished with im- prisonment, according to paragraph 361-6 of the Na- tional Penal Code. Leipsic, December 12, 1903. The Police Board of Levothroid 125 Mcg the Generic Levothroid City of Leipsic, Bretschneider. Dresden. _ Dresden, the capital of Saxony, and the principal city of the kingdom, has over one half million in- habitants, including- eleven thousand men in its gar- rison. _ Order Levothroid This Synthroid Vs Levothroid city, like all the other cities of Saxony, for- bids the existence of regular houses of prostitution. Order Levothroid Online In other words, prosiitnion (■finn-'^ under fhc- head- ing " free." It is a fact, however, that houses of prostitution do exist, unknown to the police, and that the Portier, or doorkeeper, of any hotel in the city will, upon request, furnish the addrcs>. with even, the Purchase Levothroid Online carjls, of inmates known to him — fur a con- sideration. As soon as the police, however, get any knowledge of a house of prostitution, either through denunciation by neighbors or through the medium of their secret agents, the house is raided and the inmates arrested. The " free " prostitutes are per- mitted to live in apartments, however, under the regulations which will be referred to later. In spite of the large number of inhabitants in this city there are only three hundred prostitutes in- scribed upon the police lists. The number of clan- destine prostitutes — those not living under the con- trol of the fKDlice — is not known, and not even an approximate figure could be furnished me by those in authority. It is entirely out of proportion to the number of those standing under control. I will say, before going any further, that iii no city which I visited were the regulations for the examination of the prostitutes vinder control so thorough, and so scientifically carried out as in this city, and that the facilities for the care and treat- ment of the diseased prostitutes were only stir- passed by those of the city Levothroid 100 Mg of Nuremberg. I will further state that the examining physician on duty, upon the Levothroid 0.1 Mg day of my visit, informed me that, during the three months which had elapsed since the mod- ern scientific methods of examination had been in- troduced, the number of cases of gonorrhoea among the inscribed prostitutes had fallen off o-\2,er 33 per cent. While Levothyroxine Vs Levothroid I admit that this is probably a small percentage of the cases of Levoxyl Vs Levothroid disease occurring among the prostitutes, since Levothroid Vs Synthroid so small a part Levothroid 25 Mcg probably live under control, it is still, to my mind, a most power- ful argument in favor of microscopical examination for the existence of gonorrhcea among the prosti- tutes, and for thorough and scientific examinations.

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