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port at the above mentioned place the possible reasons which prevent the same, or her grounds for objection, within three days after the date of her return. It is the duty of all executive officials to see (particularly those officials, of the royal police direction who are entrusted with the morals lisinopril 12.5 police supervision) that these regulations are carried out, and they are em- powered, at any hour of the day, evening, or night, to make such inspections as they may hold to be neces- sary of the dwellings of the females subjected to these regulations. The latter are required positively to avoid any disobedient, refractory or ungovernable behavior tovifard these officials, as well as lisinopril 5 mg to the police physi- cians and the office personnel of the morals division. 9- Breaches of one or the lisinopril hctz 12.5 mg other of these regulations in- cluded in the preceding paragraphs, one to eight, as well as of such regulations as may be issued, in the future, by the royal police direction, for the alteration or completion of the same, will, without indulgence, be punished with imprisonment, according to paragraph 361-6 of the National Penal Code. RoY.\i, Police Direction, Le Maistre. The examinations of the prostitutes who are un- der control in the city of Dresden are carried out at police headquarters. The rooms set aside for this purpose are on the top floor of the beautiful building which serves as police headquarters, and are large, airy, and light, although, since they are just under the roof,. somewhat warm in the summer time. They are lighted, both from the top by a series of skylights, and from the side by large win- dows, glazed with ground glass panes. They con- sist, first, of a large waiting room, which contains a series of benches, for the prostitutes who are to be examined on a particular day. Entrance to this room is furnished by lisinopril 12.5 mg means of a special doorway and stairway, leading from the ground floor to the waiting rootn. In this room is seated the police official, who is on duty for the day in question, to look after the control books, and to preserve order in the waiting room. Opening out from this room is the examining room. Along one side of this room is a series of small alcoves, which serve as dressing rooms for the women who are to be ex- amined. These are separated from each other by wooden partitions, and each is closed in front by a curtain. In each alcove there lisinopril buy is also lisinopril 10 a chair, as also the necessary clothes hooks. In these alcoves the women who are undergoing the first complete examination are enabled to undress, so that the ex- amining physician may make a complete inspec- tion of the surface of hctz 12.5 lisinopril the body, other than tliat which would be possible upon the lisinopril 10 mg examination chair, order lisinopril without the woman's lisinopril 20 being subjected to the August Jl, 1007.] BIERHOFF: PROSTITVTIOX IN GERM AX V 405 gaze of her fellows. The necessary full inspection of the body of the prostitutes, upon later examina- tions, is also made in these alcoves. The women then pass over to the examining chair, where the female attendant gives them whatever assistance may be necessary. This female attendant purchase lisinopril must also be present during the entire examination of every female who lisinopril 20mg is to be examined. The woman takes her place upon the examining chair, and the in- spection of the external and internal genitals is made, with, if necessary, the microscopical exam- ination of the secretions. The inguinal glands, ab- dominal wall, anal region, etc., are inspected. In lisinopril 10mg addition to this, of course, the inspection of lisinopril 40 mg the mouth and throat, hands, etc., takes place. Should the woman be found to be healthy, then note of this is made upon her book, and she is allowed to leave, which she does by a separate door of exit, leaving by a separate staircase. Should she be found dis- eased, she is held at headquarters until the comple- tion of the examinations, and then those found in- fected are transported to the city hospital. lisinopril hctz 20 The regulations online lisinopril governing the physicians' work are as follows : Service Regulations for the Control Physicians Appointed cheap lisinopril by the Royal 20 mg lisinopril Police Direction. A. — General. 1. Control physicians are medical officials of the royal police direction of Dresden, without being ser- vants of the lisinopril 5 State (Staatsdiciiereigenscltaft), and hear

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