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rh(val disease, or disease which leads to the suspicion of gonorrhcea. j. In all female Buy Lotrel Online persons whose sexual state of health is Lotrel 20 Mg to be determined upon the request of the authorities. The frequency of the single bacteriological examina- tions of the prostitutes depends Lotrel Cost upon the opinion of the control physicians, who will thereby aim to diminish the danger of infection through the prostitutes to the attainable niininuun. As points for the taking of secretions come under consideration the vagina, urethra, cervical canal, and, in particidar instances, also the anus and the various gland ducts. The secretions may only be taken by means of an instrument Lotrel 10 Mg through whose use an injury of the exatn- ined female is excluded. The t.aking of secretions is to be performed in the most careful manner, and the unnecessarily deep in- sertion into the urethra of the instrument to remove secretion is particularly to be avoided. c. Svpiih.itic Dise.^ses: For their determination, the skin and the Lotrel 10 visible mucous membranes, as well as the palpable lymphatic glands, are to be subjected Purchase Lotrel to a reg- ular Order Lotrel inspection and palpation, d. In addition to these sexual diseases and their pos- sible scqiiel.T. such as buboes, papillomata, etc.. atten- tion is also to be directed to sucli other diseases as may similarly be Lotrel 5 Mg transmitted through intercourse, such as scal)ios. phtbeiriasis. molluscuin contagiosum. etc., tu- berculous and tmnorous diseases of the sexual organs. 2. Those females sniTcring with any diseases noted under the preceding heailings. a, b and c, are to be re- ferred to the city hospital, by means of reference for- nnila. noon which the disease is to be noted, in abbrc- 4o6 OUR READERS' DISCUSSIONS. viations, in the Latin language. In the presence of the diseases mentioned under " d," the transference Lotrel Coupons to the city hospital depends, according to the danger of trans- mission, upon the opinion of the control physicians. 3. If it is not possible to determine with certainty the nature of the Lotrel 510 disease at the examination, then the control physician may have the suspected person brought before him upon the next or the following day for reexamination. Should, however, such a delay appear to be connected with danger, then he may also, with the statement of the suspicion of disease, refer the suspected person to the city hospital. 4. The result of each individual Lotrel Mg examination Discount Lotrel of the prostitutes is to be noted regularly upon the control cards, according to date and findings. RoY.\L Police Lotrel Coupon Direction. Dresden, March 31, 1906. (To be concluded.) « I Lotrel Online » #ur |ieati£rs' giscusstons. A SERIES OF PRIZE ESSAYS. Questions for discussion in this department are an- nounced at frequent intervals. So far as they have been decided upon, the further questions arc as follows: LXV. — How do you prevent contraction in the scars of burns? {Closed August 15, 1907.) LXVI. — How do you make an early diagnosis of preg- nancy? {Answers due not later than Lotrel 5 September 16, 1907.) LXVII. — How do you treat delirium Buy Lotrel tremens? {Answers due not later than October 15, 1907.) Whoez'cr answers one of these questions in the manner most satisfactory to the editors and their advisers will receive a Cheap Lotrel prize of $25. No importance whatever will be at- tached to literary style, but the award will be based solely Lotrel Price on the value of the substance of the answer. It is requested {but not required) that the answers be short; if practicable, no one answer to contain more than si.v hundred words. All persons ivill be entitled to compete for the prise, whether subscribers or not. This prise will not be awarded to any one person more than once within one year. Every answer must be accompanied by the writer's full name and address, both of which we Lotrel 10 20 must be at liberty to publish. All papers contributed become the property of the Journal.

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