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Additionally |)il. phosphor, i or 2. three times Macrobid For Men a day after meals, may be serviceable in selected cases. Siiiiimary. 1. Quarantine, isolation, and disinfection. 2. Rest, (|uiet. subdued light. .V No cathartics: no quinine: no solid food. 4. .Sui)|)nrtive incisures .'ind siiflicieiu slinuilation. 5. Combat especiall\ dislressing .symptoms. 6. Tablet of inori)biiie ( gr. '.j) and atropine (gr. Macrobid Generic ViBo) most useful of all in large inajdrits of cases. 7. Ciifleiiic siil])bal(' ( gr. ii .iiicl iuciplu'tietidiu (gr. viiss) may be substituted for it, according to the preference or prejudice of the attendant. 8. :Most important of all is the convalescence. 18 South \Villi.-\m Streey. Dr. Edmund Xezvell Huff, of Englezvood, N. J., remarks: In influenza our treatment should be guided by the functional disturbances present and the organs involved in each individual case. The attack Macrobid Price may involve the respiratory and nervous systeiiis espe- ciallv, and in some cases the urinary or alimentary systems, each requiring appropriate treatment. ' There is no specific treatment by drugs. De- Macrodantin Vs Macrobid pressing drugs as the coal tar products should be avoided if possible on account of the great depres- sion already present as characteristic of the disease. Upon first seeing the patient we should Macrobid Vs Cipro ascertain his condition, especial attention being given to the organs Buy Macrobid which may later become involved, nameh". circulatory, respiratory, and nrinary organs. By this examination our future treatment and prognosis is guided Generic Macrobid and made much simpler. Our treatment should be supporting and stimu- lating using drug> with care and as indicated after our treatment of the first stage as given later. _ The diet should consist of soft or liquid food. while temperature is above normal; hvdrochloric acid dilute may be added in five to ten minim doses ■ to aid digestion. Upon "first seeing the patient, if he is not already in bed, he should be ordered to bed, after taking a hot bath, if Buy Macrobid Online it seems advisable in the case. Upon going to bed he should be given a Dover's powder, five to ten grains, and calomel, Macrobid Vs Macrodantin two to five grains, followed in' the morning by a saline. Begin now with quinine sulphate, grains three, every two to four hours. For headache try to relieve by ice cap to Order Macrobid head ; if very Generic For Macrobid severe acetphenetidin grains, three to five, mav be given every four hours until relieved. If no other remedy is indicated or no complications arise continue quinine until convalescence is well established, lengthening the interval as convales- cence occurs. Some of Macrobid 50 Mg the symptoms which may require treat- ment Macrobid Online and the method of their treatment are as fol- lows : Severe body pains may be relieved by sodium salicylate in five to ten grain doses, or Macrobid Generic Name salicin alone or with quinine. Nasal and respiratory irritability may ivquirc and be relieved by a spray of: 14 Cocaine gr. v-x ; Macrobid Cost iMcnthoI »^._.^- Water, q. s. ad •'''^• M. ( )r a gargle of : 15 Sodium salicylate. Purchase Macrobid Glycerin Water, q. s. ad M. Cough may re(|uire turpentine .stupes to chest, mustard plaster, or some expectorant or sedative as : II Ammonium chloriGeneric Name For Macrobid Syrup Cipro Vs Macrobid of squill "'.Y'^ Cnmpoimil mixture of Price Of Macrobid glycyrrhi..i '••v

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