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Aiigust 6 mp methotrexate in, i()(i^. j-^^j themselves as the only symptom of hypothy- Glyceryl Nitrate in Mental Diseases, — Remond rcoidism. Conse(|uently. we slioulil tr}- the thyreoid and Voivcnel ( Lc Froi^res medical. June i. 1907), treatment, methotrexate for ms not t>nly in those cases of chronic rheu- acting upon the hypotliesis that certain cases with matism associated with other signs of hypothyreoid- psychical disorders are accompanied by increased ar- ism, but also in obstinate cases of rheumatism, which terial tension and constriction of tlie cortical topical methotrexate methotrexate and ms vessels, .ire entirely free from any other sign of insufficiency made some trials of glvceryl nitrate, controlled bv of the thvreoid. ..phthalmo.scopic examinations. In a hysterical The Parathyreoid Glands and Tetany.-Leisch- wnman, forty-eight >ears of age, who complained ,,^.,. ^^^ ^,,^,^,^, ,,, ^,^^, ^ methotrexate 7.5 mg .^^^ ^^^^..^, ^^^^.j^f^^. ^^ p^^._ of intense facial neuralgia, with psychical disorder, ^j^.;^,,^' ^^f ^.j^.,,,,.^ ^^,|^^. -„,^„,^. Jesuits of ex- the administration of six drops a day { taken ,n three ,,i,„,„t, „,.„,, „ts, with regard to tlie eflfects doses), of the to Unving solution, caused both methotrexate usp the ' , 1 1 .1. . 1 . .• 7 .1 ,1. -j ,'. , . 1 1- I . 1- • ,1 produced bv the transplantation of the narathvreoid ncuraltria and mental disorder to disappear in three ' , ■ ,,/,, „ 1 1 i- . 1 r 1 J '^ ' ' glands. When one gland was dissected free and re- ^y^' , „ placed in the wall of the abdomen, between the pcri- n Snir.t of glyceryl mtratc. 1% 50 f^^"^^;[ t.Mi.eum and the muscle, or in a pocket in the rectus I inrtnrc of cnpsicuin 7.50 grammes ; 111111 Peppcrmiiu w.itrr 150 methotrexate 17.5 mg grammes. nuiscle. no symptoms were produced : but when txith M glands were transjilanted. transitory sym(itonis of in a seciind case, with anxiety and melancholia, letanv appeared When the paratliyreoimethotrexate injection cost in methotrexate cream their methotrexate india application to human surgery. Since removal of the paratliyreoids inevitably leads to tetany, it pharmacology of methotrexate is ad- visable, in all cases of thyreoidectomy, to methotrexate generic name see that the parathyreoids are not removed in the mass ; and when this is found to be the methotrexate 2.5 mg tablet methotrexate pharmacology case, they should be immediately transplanted and imbedded in the rec- tus muscles of the abdomen. In discussing the sub- ject, methotrexate canada von Eiselsberg said that out of 449 thyreoid- methotrexate sodium 2.5 mg ectomies for goitre, which had been done at his clinic in the last four years, he had only observed two cases of grave tetany, and in both cases this acci- dent was successfully met by administration of dry thyreoid extract. In one case of tetany of long standing (twenty-seven years), von Eiselsberg transplanted, into the abdominal wall, a parathy- reoid gland taken from another paitent who had been operated upon for goitre. As a result of this procedure, the tetanic symptoms decidedly improved. The patient from whom the parathyreoid was taken did not present any symptom of parathyreoid in- sufficiency. — La Pressc uiedicale, June 15. 1907. The Diuretic Effects of Cold Applications to the Skin. — Dubois and Butruille {Echo medical dii nord, June 2. 1907, and Revue frangaise de medecine et dc chirurgie) call attention to the methotrexate b12 diuretic ef- fect of cold i^aths in febrile conditions, and to the re- sults of experiments made by Lambert, of Nancy, upon young persons in full health, who found that in normal individuals the cold baths, more or less prolonged, also caused considerable augmentation of urine. These authorities determined the fact that applications of the ice bag to the abdomen or methotrexate rxlist thorax, for periods of five or ten minutes, produced, in four- teen cases out of seventeen experimented upon, a very marked increase in the quantity of urine se- creted during the time the ice was applied. This was determined by fixing a catheter in the blad- der, and collecting the urine every five or ten minutes. It was also noticed that a greater secre- tion amounting to diuresis took place after the ap- plication of the ice. This methotrexate 12.5 mg phenomenon was always observed. These observations were repeated and always gave the same results. These results con- firm those which the physiologists had already ob- tained in man ; but as they were conducted with all the precision of a positive experiment, they are much more demonstrative. Barium Chloride as a Heart Tonic and Diuretic.

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