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—-From the investigations of Schcdcl. in Micardis Mycard Program 1903, made upon patients suffering with grave cardiac lesions, this observer stated that barium chloride was even superior to digitalis, in regulating the pulse and blood pressure and increasing the func- tional activity of the kidneys. Following this pub- lication, a nnmbcr of other clinical observers gave the result of their personal experience with this drug. in which, while the action as a heart tonic was admit- teMicardis Telmisartan 80 Mg danger of unduly increasing the blood pressure. During its administration its effects should be watched so as not to cause too great vas- Is There A Generic For Micardis cular tension, and especially large doses should not be given when the myocardium is weak. The diuretic effects of the drug were very noticeable in fifteen cases of pleuritic effusion, in which Pesci considers barium chloride to be the best, Micardis 40 Mg Price or most inoft'ensive, diuretic. Liquid Air in Dermatology. — Wliitehouse {Journal of the American Medical Association) thinks that liquid air is destined to have a very Micardis Plus 40 Mg Micardis Generic Equivalent wide range of usefulness Micardis Alternatives in the therapeutics of cutaneous disease. If it were Generic For Micardis Hct not for the fact that we already have means at our disposal which are always acces- sible, that possess many of the properties of Buy Micardis Hct liquid air, and can fulfil its indications quite as well, or even better in many instances, this might be so. For local anaesthesia, the treatment of abscess, bubo, boils, carbuncles, ulcers, warts, and various other conditions in which extravagant claims were early made for this agent we have other far more con- venient methods of equal or greater efficacy. In pigmentary, hairy and vascular nsevi, angeiomata. lyniphangeioma circumscriptum, lupus erythemato- sus, lupus vulgaris, and epitheliomata (unaccom- Micardis Hct 40mg 12.5mg ]janied by lymph gland invasion), however, we have in liquid air a remedy which will often give us bet- ter results than we have been in the habit of getting by other means. For practical use liquid air is kept in what is called a Dewar bulb, which is a double bulb of glass, one blown inside the other, the space intervening being a vacuum. The surfaces of these bulbs arc silvered, and this, together with the sepa- rating vacuum, retards the radiation of heat Micardis Plus 80 Mg ; the whole is incased in cotton wool or thick felt Micardis Plus 80 25 Mg to pre- vent further radiation. It should be applied on a cotton swab which can be adapted to any form de- Micardis Hct Generic sired, and the elements governing the effects pm- Micardis Mycard duced are: (i) Micardis 80 Mg Price The degree of saturation of the swab; (2) the accuracy of contact: (3) the amount of Micardis Plus 80 12.5 Mg pressure exerted; and (4) the duration of the exposure. On a thorough appreciation of these four elements, coupled with correct judgment as to the Micardis Telmisartan 40 Mg interval between exposures, success and failure de- pend. j\s a rule, the slower the method the better I he result. August 31, 1907.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 411 NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL rS'CORPORATING THE Philadelphia Medical Journal and The Medical News. A Weekly Review of Medicine. Edited by FRANK P. FOSTER, M. D., a«d SMITH ELY JELLIFFE, M. D.

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