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On the basis of these findings Kayser proposes that the faeces and urine of all patients who have had typhoid fever be examined at least several months after their convalescence. Such tests should be car- ried out systematically, at least three -complete exam- inations being made. Chronic carriers, for there are such, should motilium pharmacy be subjected to special supervision. THYREOID EXTRACT IN INCONTINENCE OF URINE. The function of the thyreoid body is summarized by Hertoghe {Bulletin de l' Academic royale dc mcdecine de Belgique, xxi, 4) as follows : The thy- reoid gland presides over growth. It supports the physical heat motilium tablets 10mg in us at the point which is most con- venient for our conditions of existence. It motilium tablets regu- lates the assimilation and the destruction of nutri- tive materials. It is indispensable to the muscular and cerebral functions, and is intimately connected with all transmission of motilium 10 nervous impulses. It is charged with the support of our protective mem- branes, epidermis and mucous motilium uk and glandular epithe- lium. Furthermore, the first symptoms of thyreoid insufficiency are of the trophic order, and they are characterized in short by motilium imodium an abnormal fragility, a too rapid desquamation, of the cellular tissues which iso- late us from our exterior environment. He de- scribes his ideas of the function of the gland dur- ing pregnancy motilium domperidone 10mg and labor and ascribes certain order motilium of the pathological states met with during pregnancy motilium price to thyreoid insufficiency. He then goes on to allege that nocturnal inconti- nence of urine in young children and adolescents is due to thyreoid impoverishment. He describes sev- eral cases in which the use of thyreoid extract was followed by improvement or cure. He points out that children who sufifer from incontinence are al- most always undersized, and that they present tlic infantile habitus in varying degrees — improperly placed teeth, nasopharyngeal adenoids, flat chests, and emaciated and slender extremities. Such pa- August 31, 1007.] EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 415 tients are often flat footed and their feet have an offensive odor, their gait is stiff, they sufl^er from pains purchase motilium in the thighs and from sciatica produced by the cold and moist surroundings in which they lie at night. The systematic examination of the urine in these cases shows an abundant deposition of tlie cells covering the free surface of the mucous membrane of the bladder. Hertoghe, consequently, recom- mends the treatment of nocturnal incontinence of urine with thyreoid extract. In children beyond two years of age he gives three five grain tablets each week and adds also from three to five grains of potassium iodide and bromide daily. The treatment of incontinence of urine is not very satisfactory. It is our custom to advise circum- cision if the prepuce is adherent, after trj-ing the effects of forcible reduction and daily cleansing . W e adopt all kinds of dietetic measures, such as a very light supper for the patient, without fluid, waking the child motilium cost up late in the evening and having him empty his bladder, and the routine administration of tincture of belladonna in ascending doses. In spite of all attempts at correction along the buy motilium online lines just described patients keep on with their nocturnal in- continence until finally they give up the attempt to cure the defect. The method of treating this com- plaint with the combination of thyreoid extract and potassium iodide and motilium canada potassium bromide merits con- sideration and trial. THE CLASSIFIC.\TION OF MILK. The Bureau of Animal domperidone motilium Industry of the Depart- ment of Agriculture has motilium mg recently issued in the form of a pamphlet entitled Sanitary Milk Production a number of essays on cheap motilium various aspects of the milk supply of cities, with special reference apparently to the motilium buy city of Washington. Among them is one by the chief of the bureau, Dr. A. D. Melvin, on Com- mercial Classes of jMilk. He believes that a division motilium generic of milk into three classes will motilium online prove beneficial, for it will facilitate efficient supervision and assist the consumer in securing clean and uncontaminated milk. Class I is as defined by the Milk Conference ap- pointed by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia.' It includes only milk produced at dairies subjected to periodical inspection and to frequent analyses of the products. The cows producing it

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