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SENECA D. POWELL, M. D., OF NEW YORK. Dr. Powell, a well known New York surgeon, died naprosyn costochondritis at his naprosyn ec 500 mg pl country home, in Greenwich, naprosyn sr 1000 mg Conn., on Saturday, August 24th. He was a native of Ala- bama, naproxen 500mg generic naprosyn and served in the Confederate army through the civil war. He was recognized as a surgeon of ability, but probably he was most widely known for his demonstration, several years ago, of the action of alcohol as an antidote to carbolic acid. Ilttos Jttms. The Children's Seashore House for Invalid Children, at ec naprosyn rxlist Atlantic City, N. J., held donation day on Tuesday, August 20th. The Board naprosyn 500 mg oral tablet of Health of Cheltenham Township, Pa., has organized. Mr. Elmer E. Garrett is president. Mr. Wil- liajn H. Murphy secretary, and Dr. M. K. Nieffer is health officer. The other members of the board are Mr. H. B. Harmer, Dr. A. T. Clayton, Mr. John Stahr, and Dr. H. can you get high off naprosyn 500mg D. Johnson. Personals Dr. M. naprosyn generic naproxen M. Jones has been elected superin- tendent of the Georgia tate Sanitarium for the Insane, at Milledgeville, to succeed the late Dr. T. O. Powell, whose death occurred on August ipth. Professor Raphael P.lanchard, of the Faculte de medecine de Paris, and editor of Archives de para- sitolujiie, who is in the United States attending the seventh international zoological congress, was entertained informally in Newport, R. L, on Wednesday,, August 21st. by Dr. il. R. Storer. at his residence on Washington there generic naprosyn Street. Dr. Henry naprosyn 500 mg oblong yellow tablets Ecroyd, Dr. Douglas P. A. Jacoby. Dr. Edward V. Murphy, naprosyn sr tablet 1000 mg Dr. Henry J. Knapp, and Mr. naprosyn ec fort 500 mg A. O'D. Taylor, naprosyn gel costo of Newport,; Mr. John Storer, of Boston; and Dr. John M. Swan, of Philadelphia, were also present. Scientific Society Meetings in Philadelphia for the Week Ending buy naprosyn tablets September 7, 1907: Monday, September 2nd, Philadelphia Academy of Srir- gery; West Philadelphia Medical Association; North- western Medical Society. Wednesday, September ^/tli, Association of Clinical As- sistants of Wills Hospital. Thuyd'iv. Set'lembrr fth, Obstetrical Society, Medical So- ciety of the Southern Dispensary; Northwest Branch Philadelphia County Medical Society. I'liday, ec-naprosyn generic September 6lh, Kensington Branch Philadelphia County Medical Society. The where can i buy naprosyn Mississippi Valley Medical Association will hold its thirty-third annual meeting at Columbus, Ohio, on October S, y, and 10, 1907, under the presidency of Dr. H. iiorace Grant, of Louisville, Ky. Dr. George E". Butler, of Chi- cago, will deliver the address in medicine, and the address in surgery will be given by Dr. E'rank D. Sniylhe, of Memphis, Tenn. 1 he preliminary programme as an- nounced much does naprosyn cost is as follows: Dr. I. A. Abt, Chicago, 111., Urinary Infections in Children; Dr. Charles J. Aldrich, Cleveland, Ohio, The Psychoses of Pneumonia ; Dr. M. A. Austin, Anderson, Ind., The Kidney Surgically Considered ; Dr. Carl Beck, Chicago, 111., Gastric Ulcer; Dr. M. R. Burker, Chicago, 111, When Should Gastric Ulcer be Treated Sur- gically ? Dr. A. D. Barr, Jersey City, N. J., The Relation of Metabolic Ferments to Metabolism ; Especially in Diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis ; Dr. Charles E. Barnett, Port Wayne, Ind., Vesicourethro Vaginal Fistula ; Dr. J. E. Cannaday, Hansford. W. Va., Treatment of Pus Tubes; Dr. T. D. Crothers, Hartford, Conn., The Relation of the Doctor to the Alcoholic Problem ; Dr. George B. Evans, Dayton, Ohio, Local Anasthesia vs. General in Anorectal Surgery; Dr. George W. Finley, Brazil, Ind., Gastroenter- itis ; Dr. Frank W. Gavin, Canton, Ohio, Medical Inspec- tion of Public Schools ; Dr. A. E. Halstead, Chicago, III., Cancer of the Thyreoid Gland; Dr. M. L. Heidingsfeld, Cincinnati, O., Some Clinical and Differential Features of Syphilis, as Demonstrated from Lantern Slides and Wax Models ; Dr. Earl Harlan, Cincinnati, Ohio, The Frequent Interdependence of Dislocated Kidney, Gallbladder Trouble, and Appendicitis ; Dr. Marc Ray Hughes, St. Louis, Mo., Anomalies of the Stigmata of Degeneracy ; Dr. G. Frank Lydston, Chicago, 111., Plastic Work on the Urethra — A New Operation; Dr. Harold A. Miller, Pittsburgh, Pa., Pregnancy Complicated by Pulmonary Tuberculosis ; Dr. J. B. Murphy, Chicago, III, Pleuritis and Its Surgical As- pects ; Dr. C. M. Nicholson, St. Louis, Mo., Primary Ab- dominal Pregnancy ; Dr. Curran Pope, Louisville, Ky., The Value of Physiotherapeutical Methods in Chronic Dis- eases; Dr. D. C. Payton, Jeffersonville, Ind., Tuberculosis of the Bones of the Feet, with Its Treatment ; Dr. Charles A. L. Reed, Cincinnati, Ohio, Important but Frequently Disregarded Clinical Phases of Movable Kidney ; Dr. Mer- rill B. buy naprosyn 500mg Ricketts, Cincinnati, ec-naprosyn price Ohio, Treatment of Stump in Appendectomy ; Dr. H. H. Roberts, Le.x'ington, Ky., Gastric Ulcer; Dr. Albert E. Sterne, Indianapolis, Ind., Radical and Palliative Operations for Cerebral Haemorrhage; Dr. Mark D. Stevenson, Akron, Ohio, Purulent Conjunctivitis

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