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was held in Boston. Mass.. August lOth to 24lh. The ses- sions of the congress. exce|)t the general meetings, were held in the buildings of the Harvard Medical School. On Monday. August 19th. there was an informal assembly of the members and delegates in the morning. The generic for nexium 40 mg first gen- eral meeting was held in the afternoon in Jordan Hall, New England Conservatory of Music, at which Professor R. Hertwig, of Munich, delivered an address on the Newer Problems of Cell Research. The second general meeting was held on Wednesday afternoon, at which Sir John Mur- ray, of the Challencer expedition, delivered an address on nexium 40 mg generic the Physical and Chemical Conditions that Affect Marine .'\nimals. At the third general meeting, held on Friday, Professor W. K. Brooks spoke on the question, what is generic for nexium Are Hered- ity and Variation Facts? The scientific business of the congress was transacted in the following sections: Animal behavior; comparative anatomy ; comparative physiology ; cytology and heredity : embryology and experimental zoology; pal.'ezoolocy ; sys- tematic zoology; zoogeography and thalassography ; and entomology and applied zoology. The following addresses were delivered : In the section ')f comparative anatomy, by Professor generic form of nexium J. P. McMurrich. nf the L'niversity of Toronto, on the Problem of the Verte- brate Head in the Light of Comparative ■•Vnatomy. In the section on comparative physiolopv. bv Professor Jacques Loci), of the University of California, on the Chemical Character nf the Process of Fertilization. In the section on cytology and heredity, by Professor C. F.. McClnng. of the Ihiiversity of Kansas, on Cvtolog>' and Taxonomv; and by Professor W. Bnleson. of the l^nivcrsitv of Cambridge, on the Facts Limiting the Theory of Heredity In when does nexium go generic the sec- lion on embryology, by Professor A. A. W. Hubreclit. of the University of L'trecht, on the Larval Envelopes and Foetal Membranes in Vertebrate Embryos; by Professor W. Roux, of the University of Halle, on Can We Determine the generic equivalent of nexium Method of Action of the Typical Forces of Develop- ment? and by Professor H. Driesch, of the University of Heidelberg, on the Stimuli of Restitutions. In the section in entomology and applied zoology, by Dr. G. Hor\'ath, director of the is there a generic for nexium Zoological Department of the Hungarian National Museum, on the Relations Between the Hemipter- ological Fauna of Europe and North America ; and by Dr. L. O. Howard, of the L'nited States Department of Agricul- ture. Bureau of Entomology-, on the Recent Progress and Present Condition of Economic Entomology. In the sec- tion on general zoology, by Professor C. O. Whitman, of the University of Chicago, on the Problem 80 mg nexium of Organic De- velopment. In generic version of nexium the when will nexium become generic section on palsezoology, by Professor C. Deperet. of the University of Lyons, on the Migrations of the Tertiary Fauna Between Europe and America. In the section on systematic zoology, by Professor T. Gill, of the Smithsonian Institution, on Systematic Zoology : Its Place and Functions. In the section on zoogeography and thalassography. by Dr. R. F. Scharff. of the Dublin Mu- seum, on the Evolution nexium dosage 80 mg of Continents as Illustrated by the Geographical Distributions of Existing Animals. The social features of the congress were, as is does nexium have a generic usual in Boston, admirable in their varied extent and in the manner of their execution. The Boston local committee ser\'ed lunch- eon every day. There was a reception at the Art iluseum, on Monday evening, and Professor Alexander Agassiz, the president of the congress, gave a reception at the Hotel Somerset on Wednesday evening. There were excursions to the -\rnold arboretum, to the Peabody Academy of Science, to Wellesley, to Quincy, and to various buy generic nexium other places of historic interest in Boston and vicinity. A tea was given to the ladies by Miss Wheelock, 134 Newberry Street, on Monday. Saturday was Har\'ard University Day. After an as- sembly in Sanders Theatre, the members of the congress inspected the museum of comparative zoology, were guided through the grounds, and visited the Longfellow^ house generic brand for nexium and Radcliffe college. Luncheon is there a generic nexium was served at the Harvard Union by the LIniversity corporation, and tea was served at the Elizabeth Cary Agassiz house. In addition to the scientific meetings and the excursions in and about Boston, many of the members of the congress visited the station of the United States Bureau of Fisheries and the Marine Biological Laboratories at Woods Hole, Mass., on Sunday, August 25th. Monday, .\ugust 26th, was what is the generic name for nexium spent at Columbia L'niversity, New York ; what is the generic for nexium Tuesday at the American Museum, New York ; Wednesday at the Marine Laboratory of the Brooklyn Institute of .\rts and Sciences and order nexium samples at the Carnegie station for experimental evo- lution at Cold Spring Harbor ; Thursday at the New York Aquarium and the Zoological generic name for nexium Park. Trips up the Hudson to West Point and to Yale and Princeton Universities have been arranged for. Monday and Tuesday. September 2nd and 3rd, will be spent in Philadelphia. There will be a luncheon a» the .Academy of Natural Sciences, a visit to the Zoological Gardens, and a drive through Fairniount Park, terminating with the supper at the Philadelphia Country Club. Other points of interest about Philadelphia will be visited, includ- ing the rooms of the .Xmcrican Philosophical Society, and the LTniversity of Pennsylvania. On Wednesday. September 4th, the delegates and mem- bers will be received in Washington at the Cosmos Club, where addresses will be given by the secretary of the Smith- sonian Institution, the president of the Carnegie Institution,

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