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Total deaths, all causes 670 646 531 Annual death rate In 1,000 16.58 15.98 13.52 Sexes — Males • 384 383 300 Kemales " 286 263 231 Ages — Under 1 year of age 234 211 171 Uelween 1 and 5 years of age 75 78 52 Between 5 and 20 vear« of age 42 32 45 Between 20 and CO yc.nrs of age 194 236 182 Over 00 years of age 125 89 81 Important causes of death — .\poplexy 7 10 4 Brlghfs dlseast 38 47 41 Bronchllls 11 9 12 Consumption 57 63 •>'■'• Cancer 25 Nizagara Tablets liO 24 CBuy Nizagara Online Dlphlherla •". C „i lleiiri diseases 44 39 2.« Inlluenza 1 In icHl Inal dlseaBes, acute 197 176 12.. Mea Violence (other than BulcldP) 37 33 41 WlioopInK eongh 11 3 3 All other causes 1 35 1 20 124 IPit^ of Current ^ihraturt. THE BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL August 22, jgoy. T. Torticollis. The Results of the Treatment of Cases of Acquired and Congenital Muscular Torticollis at the Boston Children's Hospital since 1879, By E. H. Bradford. 2. A Search for a Suitable Climate, By Samuel A. FiSK. 3. A Study of Seven Hundred and Fifty I'ractures of Long Bones Buy Nizagara of the Lower Extremity, with Special Reference to the Cause of Delayed Union, By Luther G. Paul. 4. ffabit Cure. Mental and Order Nizagara Physical, By John Warren Achorn. 1. Torticollis. — Bradford presents the following con- clusions in regard to the treatment of torticollis as jus- tified by the Nizagara Online experience obtained at the Children's Hos- pital of Boston in the last twenty-eight years : The total number since 1879 was ninety cases, seventy-two of which were operated in. Of these seventy-two the causes were forty-three congenital, one rheumatic, three traumatic, three cervical abscess, four instru- mental labor, one hjematoma, one post influenza, one post measles, and fifteen not ascerta ned. His con- clusions are: Congenital or acquired muscular torticol- lis may be cured. An open incision, with complete division of the two heads of origin of the sternocleido- masto d muscle, is all that is necessary, except in un- usual cases. The horizontal incision below the clavicle in the line of the skin cleavage is the best to use, in that it gives adequate room and also gives the best cos- metic results. Plaster of Paris is the easiest applied, holds the head in the corrected position, and allows ambulatory treatment, and is therefore the best imme-

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