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6. A Method of Amputation at the Ankle Joint Which Leaves the Heel Intact. With a Report of Two Cases Operated Upon and Shown at the Clinical Society of London, April 24, 1907. By Felodipine 10 Mg C. G. Watson. 7. A Suggestion for the Radical Cure of Femoral Hernia, By J. S. Pearson, S. A Case of Streptococcic Septicaemia : Treated by Wright's Method with a Vaccine Made of Organisms Obtained from the Patient's Blood, the Inoculations Being Controlled by the Opsonic Index: Recovery, By W. G, SuTci.rFFE and Felodipine Tablets H. W. Bayly. 3. Posture and Cardiac Signs. — Gordon has studied the influence of bodily posture on cardiac physical signs, and concludes that in most cases the change from the erect position to the recumbent: i. Raises and Buy Plendil Online nar- rows the normal cardiac dulness. 2. Makes the Generic Plendil first heart sound duller and the second sharper, thus Felodipine 5mg pro- ducing the classical " lub dup." 3. Diminshes the an- teroposterior diameter of the chest. 4. Markedly nar- rows the dulness of an enlarged heart. 5. Increases the loudness and area of audibility of (a) " ha2mic mur- murs," both at the base and the apex; (b) mitral and tricuspid Felodipine Er regurgitant murmurs; and (c) aortic stenotx murmurs. (Some of these murmurs may be only audible in the recumbent posture.) 7. Leaves unaffected the murmur of aortic regurgitation. 8. Increases the loud- ness of the accentuated pulmonary .second sound. 9. Makes more marked the reduplication of the redupli- cated second sound. (In some cases the reduplication is only heard in the recumbent posture.) 10. Causes the partial or complete disappearance of the cardiac dulness in certain cases of cancer in their later stages. Taking all these facts into consideration the writer sub- mits that no description of the cardac physical signs can be regarded as complete which does not include a Buy Plendil statement of the position of the patient at the time of observation. 4. .SItiology of Cancer. — Robertson and Young re- Cheap Plendil port the results of their examinations of carcinomatous tumors by means of a new method of stain ng — an im- proved ammonio-silver process. A few years ago one of them with H. Wade Plendil Price published a paper in which it was contended Plendil Tablets that carcinomatous tumors are setiolog- ically related to a special protozoan organism, capable of Ijeing demonstrated in such tumors Order Plendil and of Felodipine Amlodipine be ng cul- tivated from them. The general result of the new in- vestigations here reported has been to obtain much ad- ditional evidence of the occurrence of special intra- nuclear bodies of the nature of those previously de- scribed, Purchase Plendil to show that structures morphologcally iden- tical with the Spiroclucta microgyt-ala of Lowenthal can be demonstrated in human carcinomata and to confirm the previous observation of the occurrence of small nucleated bodies, evidently of amoeboid character, in such tumors. The great activity of the polymorpho- nuclear Plendil Mg leucocytes is looked upon as a manifestation of a phagocytic action directed against a specific para- site. 5. Anomalous Reactions with Fehling's Solution. — Pavy, after an Amlodipine Felodipine exhaustive discussion of the sugar re- action given by urine when tested with Order Plendil Online Fehling's solu- tion, states that the degree of concentration of the urine constitutes a main factor in determining the extent of sugar indication presented. The great value of Feh- Felodipine 5 Mg ling's solution is that the sugar normally present in urine escapes being revealed, except under the existence of special circumstances. Assuming that a slight re- action is given, the question is, does it constitute an exaggerated normal reaction or is it the result of an abnormal condition ? This question can only be scien- tifically answered by means of a test meal. If two or three Plendil Online hours after a plentiful allowance of starchy mat- ter and sugar has laeen taken there is no effect pro- duced upon the urine, it may be concluded that noth- ing abnormal exists. LA PRESSE MEDICALE August s, igoy. I, Studies in Regard to the Gastric Secretion, By Albert Frouin. 2 Tiie loilotannic Preparations, By Alfred Martinet. August 7, 1907. I. The Relations of Uric Acid and the Puric Bases to Alimentation and Morbid Conditions, By H. Labbe. _'. When Should a Crushed Leg Be Amputated ? By M. GuiBE, 2. Buy Cheap Plendil 'When Should a Crushed Leg Be Amputated? — < luibe says that the theoretical rules for guidance are easily given, but practically the question is at times very d fficult to answer as regards particular cases. The presence of the following three conditions he gives as indications: (i) Multiple comminuted fractures of

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