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the bones; (2) mangling or removal of the skin; (3) crushing of the deep soft parts, muscles, vessels, and nerves. LA SEMAINE MEDICALE, . August 7, 1907. French Congress praziquantel mg of Alienists generic praziquantel and Neurologists, Held at Geneva and Lausanne, August i to 7, 1907. BERLINER KLINISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT. July z<), 1907. 1. Studies in Regard to the Nervous .System of .Syphi- litics. By E. Meyer. 2. New Contribution to the Conct'iitratidn of Immune Bodies buy cheap praziquantel in Diphtheria Serum, By L. Brieger and M. Krause. 3. Meningococci Spermatocustitis. A Contribution to the Pathology and Bacteriology of Epidemic Cerebro- spinal Meningitis, By L. Pick. 4. Neuralgia, Myalgia, By G. Pkritz. 5. (jangrcne of the Scrotum, By Kettner. 6. Syphilitic Family Histories from South America, By purchase praziquantel online E. RoTHscHUH. 7. Concerning the Influence of X Ray Diagnosis Upon the Recognition and Treatment of Fractures Wliicb In- volve the Elbow Joint, By M. Cohn. 1. Nervous System of Syphilitics. — Meyer investi- gated the condition of Ibe nervous svsteni in seventy- August ;il. 1907.] PITH OF purchase praziquantel CURRENT LITERATURE. 421 four syphilitics, one of whom was in the primary stage, sixty-one in the secondary, and twelve in the tertiary. Among the sixty-one in the secondary stage he found one who acquired nervous troubles in only three, pre- exist'ng nervous troubles, mainly hysteria, in nine. In the latter sj'philis had frequently exacerbated the praziquantel online con- dition. 2. Among the patients who were not subjec- tively nervous there \vas comparatively often an in- crease of the general nervous irritability, yet in a por- tion of the cases the effect of the mercur al treatment or of drink must be considered. 3. There were five cases which with moxidectin praziquantel some probability suffered from an organic nervous disease. A comparatively large num- ber of observations showed slight pupillary differences, sometimes w th rather slow reaction, order praziquantel online and pathological examinations alone can answer positively praziquantel cost the question whether syphilis does or does not in its first stage cause organic, buy praziquantel for humans even though transient, changes. 4. Neuralgia, Myalgia. — Peritz presents very fully the distinctive diagnosis between myalgia and neural- gia. Some of his points are. in myalgia tenderness of one or more muscles in the painful buy praziquantel online region, hyperalgesia of the skin over these praziquantel price tender muscles: an injection of a small quantity of sterile salt solution into a muscle proves painful if the muscle is inflamed, but not painful if it is not inflamed; frequently patients who have myal- gia complain of parsesthetic symptoms, rather frequent- ly the affected muscle show- a weakness in the'r action, the character of the pain is different from that of neu- ralgia, and the topography is different. He presents an illustration in w-hch is delineated the places of predilection for the myalg'c disease of the muscles. 5. Gangrene of the Scrotum. — Kettner reports a case of gangrene of the scrotum which occurred where to buy praziquantel from an unknown cause in an apparently healthy order praziquantel man. thirty- five years of age. The testicles were left bare after the tissue had sloughed. 7. The praziquantel uk Influence of the X Rays Upon the praziquantel tablets Recogni- buy praziquantel tion and Treatment of Fractures About the Elbow Joint. — Cohn points out the great advantages praziquantel 600 mg furnished praziquantel biltricide by the x rays in the delineation of fractures which in- volve the elbow joint and the guidance thus given in the treatment. DUBLIN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL SCIENCE August, 100-. 1. Report of the Rotunda Hospital.

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