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By E. Hastings Tweedy, Arthir Holmes, and Robert J. Rowi.ette. order prednisone online 2. A Case of Acute Metastatic Gonorrhoeal Myositis, with Remarks on the DiaRnosis and Treatment of this Affection, By Charles Greene Ci'mston. 3. generic prednisone Blackwatcr purchase prednisone Fever, By Charles Thomas Costello. 2. Metastatic Gonorrhoeal Myositis. — Cumston, of Boston, remarks that although the d agnosis of gonor- rhceal myositis is sometimes more or less delicate, the same cannot be said of its treatment. In the first place, judging from the literature on the subject, it may be inferred that massage is to be absolutely proscribed. Camphor liniment and methyl salcylate do not appear to give any marked results, but tincture of iodine ap- pears to have given some relief in certain cases. How- ever, in the cheap prednisone majority it has been without effect, and con- prednisone price sequently may. we think, be d scarded. Sodium prednisone tablets sali- cylate, antipyrinc, and potassium iodide taken by mouth apjiear to have no action, and have merely caused gas- tric disorders, while, on the other hand. ol. gaultheri.t, taken several times a dav at the dose of ten drops, ap- pears prednisone 10mg to have some soothing, although purchase prednisone online no curative, ef- fect. The author believes that dainj) heat, in cnnjunc- tinii with inimctions of mercurial ointment, will sliorten the cause of the affection more quickly than prednisone mg any other means we have at our disposal. It may l)c given cither in the form of towels wrung out in hot water and cov- ered with rubber dam or by local baths given three or four times daily, the diseased member being retair.ed in the water for an hour. 3. Blackwater Fever. — Costello. of Northern Nigeria, West Africa, in speaking of the precautions against blackwater fever, observes that persons who live in those parts of prednisone 20mg tropical Africa, or other places, in which this disease order prednisone occurs, ought never to buy cheap prednisone make light of fever, however small, but should, as soon as a pre- monitory sign of fever, or fever itself, shows itself at once go buy prednisone online to bed for treatment. In the interpyrexial periods prophylactic measures should be adopted in the form of quinine regularly taken, also a tonic, consisting of iron, to improve the quality of the red blood corpuscles. The individual should try as far as possible to avoid exces- sive exposure to the sun or rain. It must be borne in mind that blackwater fever occurs in England amongst subjects who have been previously living buy prednisone abroad in a blackwater area, and consequently people ought to be informed of this fact and put on their guard against contracting chills, especially when changing from a tropical to a temperate climate on the voyage home- wards. Moreover, they should be advised not to fail to take quinine and a tonic if necessary while on leave. THE JOURNAL OF HYGIENE. April, igo7. 1. On Meteorological Factors in the Etiology of Acute Rheumatism, By M. Greenwood and T. Thompson. 2. Some Experiments with Fluorescein as an .•Xgent for the Detection of Pollution of Wells. By J. McCr.\e and P. G. Stock. 3. On Variations of the Meningococcus and Its Differ- entiation from Other Cocci Occurring in the Cere- brospinal Fluid, By J. A. Arkwright. 4. On the Absorption of Antibodies from the Subcu- taneous Tissues and Peritoneal Cavity, By J. H. Smith. 5. The Acid Coagulation of Milk. By C. Revis and G. A. Payne. 6. Canine Piroplasmosis. VI. Studies on the Morphol- ogv and Lite History of the Parasite. By G. H. F. NuTTALL and G. S. Graham-Smith. 7. Action of the Colors of Benzidine on iMice Infected with Trypanosoma Dimorphon. By C. iM. Wexyo.v. 8. On the Larval and Pupal Stages of Anopheles Ma- culipcnnis, Meigen, By A. D. Imms. . 3. Variations of Meningococcus. — .\rkwright prednisone cost states that Gram negative cocci obtained from the cerebro- spinal fluid are not always true prednisone online meningococci, even in of meningitis. Slight differences between d ft'er- ent races of meningococci occur, especially as regards their growth and activity in sugar media and on gela- tin. The meningococcus is not easily killed bv cold, therefore its rapid death in lumbar puncture tluid and

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