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rietal attachments of the stomach and intestines, i. free prevacid coupons e., of the mesenteries, as well as generic prevacid otc of adhesions to the ab- dominal wall, is very painful ; the same applies to the displacement or stretching of the parietal serous mem- brane in relation to the muscles prevacid 24 hour coupon or aponeuroses of the abdominal wall. Most of the lesions causing obstruc- tion are prevacid naprapac 500 at first attended by increased and, as a rule, irregular peristalsis. Chemically different substances, such as the contents of the stomach, gallbladder, generic name for prevacid bowel. or prevacid generic equivalent of an abscess, when they come into contact with a healthy or hyper<-emic parietal perilonrcum, give rise to severe pain ; and even that form of acute peritonitis which goes under the name of " peritoneal irritation " greatly increases the sensitiveness of the parietal serous membrane. The sensitiveness of the parietal peri- tonaeum increases at the same rate as the inflammation, but decreases again when the inflammation has reached a certain degree, and may ultimately in many cases cease. THE GLASGOW MEDIC4L JOURNAL, August, 11,107. 1. The Really Useful in Electrotherapeutics, By H. Lewis Jones. 2. Notes on prevacid en espanol Some Tumors of the Cascal Region, By J. Hogarth Pringle. 3. Sarcoma of the Nose, By Walker Downie. 3. Sarcoma of the prevacid 42 count Nose. — Downie says that the suc- cessful treatment of cases of sarcoma of the nose de- pends on two things:!. The early recognition of the condition. 2. Radical removal of the new cheap prevacid online growth where that is possible. The author does not speak of the treatment of those cases prevacid sale of sarcoma originating within the antrum, in the body of the superior maxilla, or in the sphenoid, as the invasion of the nose is of second- ary importance in those cases. Where the new growth, however, is wholly intranasal — having its origin in the lateral mases of prevacid otc 30mg the ethmoid, the middle turbinal. or the nasoantral wall — it should be removed through the nares by punch forceps, curettes, etc., followed by the free use of the electric cautery. The repetition of such operative procedures may prevacid discount card be coupons for prevacid 24 hour necessary time and again until the affected structures are extirpated. These pro- cedures are only possible, perhaps, in the minority of the cases met with, chiefly because the gravity of the condition has not been recognized in its early and cura- tive stage. When the disease is recognized early and is treated in this fashion, the prognosis will be more than favorable. Where the sseptum is involved, and where the area from which the new growth springs prevacid savings card is widespread, its eradication may be made more easy and more satisfactory by having recourse to Rouge's opera- tion. proctebings of Societies. AMERICAN SURGICAL ASSOCIATION. Tzirnty-eighth Annual Meeting, held in Washington, on May 7, S, and 9, 1907. The President, Dr. Dudley P. Allan, of Cleveland, Ohio, in the Chair. (Concluded from page 3^7 ■) Acquired Diverticulitis of the Large Intestine. — Dr. William J. Mayo had prepared this paper in collabora- tion with Dr. L. B. Wilson prevacid for sale and Dr. H. Z. Giffin. all three of Rochester. Minn. It was stated that diverti- culitis of the colon was essentially prevacid 24hr coupon confined to the sig- moid, and was usually due to the pressure of the hard- ened fasces against the mucous membrane, which her- niated through prevacid ac defects in the prevacid chewable tablets musculature. The weak- ness of the intestinal wall, which permitted this, might l)e congenital or acquired. Fiecoliths formed in these lit- tle pockets and gave rise to infection and suppuration, or to tumor 'formation, constituting the disease. As a rule, only a few inches of the bowel was involved, al- though an enormous number of diverticulas might be exhibited in this space. The patients were usually iibese and over forty-five years of age. The phys'cal evidences of the disease would be found in the middle ;ind lower left quadrant of the abdomen. A tumor fre- (|uently existed with attacks of obstruction of the how- els, or attacks of peritonitis. The cases seen by the three authors belonged to the three chnical groups: (i) Those cases in which the intraperitoneal abscess formed with spontaneous evacu- ation into a neighboring viscus, prevacid otc coupon or was evacuated exter- nally by means of operation; (2) those cases giving Augusts!, 1907.] PROCEEDIXGS OF SOCIETIES.

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