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impotence of man to copulate, the impoientia coeundi (on seventy-three pages), while the incapability to generate, the impotentia generandi, is only referred to in a general way (on five pages). He asserts that his statistics have taught him that in the aetiology of somatic impotence the colHculus hypertrophy is the leading cause. The ■dia.gnos's as well as the therapy should only be undertaken with urethroscopy. The writer advocates as treatment caustic installations of silver nitrate, endourethral faradization, and the use of the psychrophore. The anatomy and physiology of the potcntia coeundi are treated as an introduction, the follow'ng chapters being taken up by general re- marks on impotence, somatic impotence, colliculus hy- pertrophy and impotence, the anormal loss of semen and sexual neurasthenia, psychic impotence, treatment of impotence, and the impotentia generaiidi. It can be Buy Pantoprazole Online seen that the author has given the subject a thorough. Au!nist ."il. Buy Protonix 1907.] BOOK NOTICES. 425 discussion, although very condensed. His statements Order Pantoprazole as to aetiology and treatment are Order Protonix open to be challenged. A Textbook of Practical Therapeutics, with Especial Reference to the Application of Remedial Measures to Disease and Their Employment Upon a Rational Basis. By Amory H.\re. M. D., Generic Pantoprazole B. Sc, Pro- fessor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica Cheap Protonix in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, etc. Cheap Pantoprazole Twelfth Edition, Enlarged, Thoroughly Revised, and Largely Rewritten. Illustrated with 114 Engravings and 4 Colored Plates. Philadelphia and Xew 'York : Lea Brothers & Co., 1907. Pp. ix-i8 to 939. The author has availed himself of the opportunity that has been afforded by the eighteen months Purchase Pantoprazole Online that have passed since the last edition Purchase Pantoprazole of the work was published to give it a thorough revision and to include a number of the recent advances in therapeutic procedure. Among these are the value of sodium citrate in feed- ing bottle fed babies, of calcium lactate in haemophilia, haemorrhagic oozing, and urticaria, of citric Buy Protonix Online acid to prevent thrombosis Buy Pantoprazole in typhoid fever, and of some new drugs, the usefulness of which had not been proved when the last edition of the work was published. Besides the author's revision. Dr. G. E. de Schweinitz has revised the articles on the treatment of the com- mon diseases of the eye, Dr. Barton Cooke Hirst those •on diseases of the puerperal period, and Dr. Edward Martin, those on antisepsis, gonorrhoea, and syphilis. The book maintains its excellent standing. The Essentials of Histology, Descriptive and Practical. For the Use of Students. By E. A. Sch.Kfer. LL. D.. Sc. D., F. R. S., Professor of Physiolog\- in the Uni- versity of Edinburgh. Formerly Professor of Phys- iology in University College, London. Seventh Edi- tion. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co., 1907. Pp. 507. ("Price, $3.50.) The seventh edition of this work maintains its ex- cellent reputation as a guide for students in laboratory work. The text is divided conveniently into fifty les- sons, so that the instructor can arrange his course sat- isfactorily. It is well printed, on thin paper to decrease the size of the Pantoprazole Online volume, and many of the illustrat'ons are in colors. Purchase Protonix The Technics of Operations Upon the Intestines and Stomach. By Alfred H. Gould. M. D., of Boston. With 190 Illustrations, Mostly Original, Several of Them in Colors. Philadelphia : W. B. Saunders Com- pany, 1906. Pp. 302. Follow'ng a description of the structure of the intes- tines and the stomach and their blood and lymph sup- plies, the author gives the results of experimental re- search that he has made in conjunction with Dr. F. B. Harrington and Dr. V. T. Murphy on repair following the use of the segnienteil ring, the plain suture, the Murphy button, and the clastic ligature. Perhaps th s chapter could have been preceded appropriately by the third chapter, which describes the anatomy at greater length. The second chapter describes suture materials, uecdlcs, tying knots, sutures, and clamps. The fourlh chapter is devoted Protonix Mg to operations upon the intestines, and details the methods of end to end, of lateral, and of end to side intestinal anastomosis, and several methods of colostomy. The fifth chapter describes tiie various operations upon Order Pantoprazole Online the stomach. The author Buy Cheap Pantoprazole has aimed to include the standard opera- tions upon (he intestines and the stomach, but has no intention of giving a description of all of the meth-

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