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the outside of the cows or from their environment. It is not buy prozac online no prescription canada believed that tubercle bacilli are eliminated w'th the milk from tuberculous cows unless disease of the udder or structures connected prozac price without insurance with generic prozac no prescription it is present. This conclusion is drawn buy prozac online no prescription from the present series of inves- tigations and is supported by earlier work relative to the milk of tuberculous cows. The present investiga- tions include only a few cows and a comparatively small number of guinea pigs. The earlier investiga- tions extend over a dozen years, during which milk from scores prozac purchase uk of tuberculous cows was injected into the abdominal cavities of hundreds of guinea pigs. The observations made are said to definitely show that the frequency prozac price per pill with which milk contains tubercle bacilli is greatly underestimated, especially when it is milked in the customary way from tuberculous cows with healthy udders, or from entirely healthy cows in a tuberculous environment. As no means are known by which it can be determined when cattle become dangerous to the health of persons or animals, every cow affected with tuberculosis must be regarded in the purchase generic prozac opinion of the government experts as positively dangerous. In view of the undoubted presence of tuberculosis in a very large number of cattle, whose owners have no cause to suspect that this is so, it is urged that every cow should be periodically tested with tuberculin. Every cow that reacts and thus shows that she has tuberculosis should at once, regardless of her general .ippearance or condition, be removed from use as a dairy cow and from all contact with dairy cattle or healthy animals. Insignia of the Medical Department. — L. sends the i"i>llf)wing letter to tiie editor of The Army and Navy Jdiirnal: Very tlislinctive and interesting is the insignia of the Medical Department, the caduccus. It is an insignia of long standing, tested for centuries, keeping its place up to the present time. In the earliest Greek August 31, 1907.] OFFICIAL prozac discount coupons NEJrS. 427 art buy generic prozac no prescription the caduceus was but a plain magic wand, with no ornamentation. Adorned with laurel reeds buy prozac uk it repre- sented victory. Later, as a mass of pleasant traditions grew up concerning the power of that wand, and about the gods who carried it, the custom of representing the wand with two serpents twined about it gained a foot- hold, the serpent being generic prozac typical of wisdom. The son of Apollo, yEsculapius, a personification of divine powers that healed the wounds and cured the diseases of man- kind, was not the only god carrying the caduceus as his symbol of authority. prozac cost per pill Mercury, on one of his er- rands from Olympus, saw two snakes fighting. Since it prozac price ireland fell to him to settle such disputes, he caught the snakes up, twisted their tails together and twined them about his staff. Thus, slowly, the caduceus was de- veloped from a plain wand to one ornamented with snakes. In later mythology, when the other attributes of Mercury were diminished, and that of his office purchase prozac as messenger for the great gods of Olympus was magni- fied, it became customary to represent him in art wear- ing winged sandals and a winged fillet about his buy prozac online no prescription needed head. It was a most natural thing, then, later to add the spreading wings to his staff and thus complete the idea of his swift passages here and there upon the errands of his father, Zeus. It can readily be seen how the wand with its serpents and wings representing magic powers in earth and air could be well taken by the ancient as an emblem of healing. The serpents wound around the staff are more significant than would seem. "Wise as serpents" is proverbial; this wisdom is sup- ])osed to have enabled the creeping serpents to search out vegetable bodies having healing powers. The poetry of the conception has led moderns to use the same emblem. The men of the middle ages, when all healing was thought to come about only through the agency of incantations and various charms, when the world generic prozac price was half pagan — those men of mixed tempera- ment used the caduceus as the sign of healing art. From millennium to millennium, from century to century, from decade to decade, from year to year, the caduceus - kept discount prozac the first place to indicate medical efficiency. Could there be prozac cost uk a better emblem for the Medical Department of the United States Armv? #f5nal Bftos. Public Health and Marine Hospital Service Health Reports : 'I buy prozac canada III- follo'viii'i cases of sDuitlfox, ycUoiv fever, clwlcra. and /'Uii^uc have been reported to the Surgeon General, Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, during the -ceek ending .Uigust 2S, 190T.

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