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can harm or injure. Without attempting a more exact definition and classification of these antisocial factors we may say they are found in insane asy- lums existing as cases of moral insanity, cases of dementia prsecox, in which nondevelopment is Order Serevent bal- anced by deterioration and paranoid states, with fu- rors and explosive episodes ; they are seen in insti- tutions of feeble minded as cases of imbecility with moral perversion, in reform schools and prisons as incorrigibles and habitual criminals ; in vagabond- age as petty thieves and tramps, and, finally, among the better classes of society in homes and sanatoria for borderland psychoses and drug addiction under practical guardianship. These subjects of slighter grades of imbecility in which there is diminished responsibility are dangerous to the community, and shoulfl be early apprehended. Suitable safety meas- ures of permanent mutual protection to the individ- ual and society should be adopted. Humane segre- gation, and not punishment, should be aimed at. Those suffering from undoubted psychical affec- tions should go to the asylums, those youthful ir- responsibles whose moral deficiency is imbecilic should be placed under professional p;edagogic in- dustrial training and discipline, but not punished. None should Generic Serevent be allowed to pass further in prison life than the reformatories and reform schools. Here the adage Buy Serevent Online of an ounce of prevention is of un- doubted economic force. One of the most prac- tical means to this end would be in our hands if we required frequent visitations of alienists to penal institutions and their inr.'ane departments. Un- doubtedly alienists could profit much in dealing with the ethics of responsibility in mental disease by a closer study of criminals. The reverse sug- gestion regarding Purchase Salmeterol Online pcjenologists has a like obvious application. In conclusion we may say that Buy Salmeterol Online the establishment of juvenile courts presages a juster and saner out- look for feeble minded children who suffer moral Buy Serevent perversion and who come into contact with the law through the commission of criminal acts. 23 West Fifty-eighth Street. THE SCHOOL TRAINING OF BACKWARD CHIL- DREN IN THE NEW YORK CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS.* By Charles Edwin Arwoon, B. S., M. D., New York, .\ Purchase Serevent Online in Nmirolog.v and Ps.vchiatry, Vanderbllt Clinic, Colum- bia Universit.v : Formerly First .\ssistant Physician, Bloomingdale Order Salmeterol Asylum. Buy Salmeterol I should like to Generic Salmeterol state at the beginning Buy Cheap Salmeterol of my paper that I Purchase Serevent have no official connection with the ]Dublic schools of New York; Buy Cheap Serevent but I have been re- (|uested to interest you if possible in a department of the schools- with which many of you may not be familiar ; a department which is of practical inter- est to us all as physicians and guardians of the pub- lic health. I refer to the so called ungraded Order Serevent Online classes for the special instruction of those children who are weeded out of the normal classes for reasons of mental disability, and who are taught separately by specially selected teachers under the supervision of a special inspector. Special schools have been foimd useful in Germany and England for a number Purchase Salmeterol of years, and schools for idiots and the feeble minded have existed in France for sixty years or longer, since the time of the elder Seguin. whose classic writings on the subject form the fovuidation of much that has been done in this direction since. The un- excelled work of Bourneville, at the Bicetre in Paris, also furnishes an example of what may be accom- plished by the application of simple scientific prin- ciples in the proper training of even extreme condi- tions of brain defect. In the United States there are nearly 2,000,000 defectives. Of these over 100,000 are feeble minded, /. ('., in contradistinction to idiotic, imbecile, or in- sane.^ These feeble minded are increasing at the rate of more than 2,000 per annum. The percentage of these cases is greater in the United States than Order Salmeterol Online it is in France, England, Germany, Italy, or Austria. The proportion of these cases in New York city as a port of entry is far greater than elsewhere in the United States for reasons which it is not the prov- ince of the paper to discuss. In Germany, under special management, in fifty- two auxiliary schools and twelve institutions, 75 per cent, of the feeble minded have become self- >upporting. In this country we have institutions and colonies ♦ Itend lVfor(> the Medical SocictT^t the County of New Yorlj, Muv i;?. 1907. as part of n Bvmposlura on mental defectives. ■' Spivlal lirporls of the Crnniia Office, etc.

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