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and suggestions as to the disposition and buy singulair online method or line of work most advantageous to individual cases ; and where the colony or institution rather than the ungraded class seemed to the clinician a necessity, such a order singulair online statement buy cheap singulair in writing, with the indorsement of the school authorities might be used in compell- ing the parents to pursue the necessar}- course to hring this about. In this way the classes would surely be rid of an unsuitable element and the pupils themselves purchase singulair most benefited. From a medical and especially a psychiatric stand- point, however, the subject of instruction of the defectives in the ungraded classes of the city public schools, while organization is still in its infancv. might possibly be placed on a more secure footing if a system of regrading and classification were made periodically and with sharper lines. The or- ganization and scope of the work should be care- fully mapped out and the personnel of teachers care- fully inquired into. It is suggested that the purchase singulair online School Board, if so dis- posed, might possibly derive singulair mg some montelukast price assistance from the cooperation of a committee from the County Medical Society, or from the Neurological Society, acting in conjunction with one or two heads of in- stitutions, in solving some of the problems of the ungraded classes during the formative stage of this important branch of instruction ; and such coopera- tion would meet, I am sure, with the cordial sup- ])ort of those who are now intrusted with the work.'' In any event, I order singulair strongly recommend New York physicians to visit the special classes of the New York public schools, which are. all things consid- ered, the best in the land, and study them carefully. You will be abundantly rewarded yourselves and perlia])S in singulair online some way be of assistance to the noble women wlio are devoting the best montelukast tablets part of buy singulair their lives, in a most practical way. towards the prevention of pauperism and crime. 14 E.AST Sixtieth Street. ••NORM.'VL" OV.VRIOTOMY, "F£M.\LE" CIRCUM- CISION, CLITORIDECTOMV. AND INFIBULATION. IFilli Variorum Notes on the Practice of These Operations and Their Distribution in Space and Time. Bv John Knott, A. M., M. D., Ch. B., & D. P. II. montelukast sodium tablets (Vmv. Dub.) ; M. R. C. P. I. ; M. R. I. A., etc., Dublin, Ireland. Dc gitstibiis . . . — but the proverb is some- what threadbare. The fact, and full evidence of its reality, are, however, permanently present to the eye of the philosophical observer ; that a very con- siderable proportion of the sum total' of hunian mis- ery is due to the tyrannical exactions of artificial tastes, and the unreasoned customs thereupon es- tablished. And to no eyes are the manifold phases singulair tablets of this characteristic of our species more freriiiently exposed in their primitive nakedness than singulair cost to those of the physician cheap singulair who is gifted with the power of seeing — an acconii-jlishmcnt which, we will take the opportinutv of pointing out as we pass — is not near ly so widely distributed as most people seem to montelukast tablet think. Whatever be the true explanation, the fact * It wni voted (bat a committee be appointed b.v the presl- diTit generic singulair iif the sorlety tn hiqiilre of the Srhoiil Bonnl whothor they wl^hf'd cnoperntlon. is undeniable that the female form divine has. from time immemorial, been subjected to a greater variety of artificial means of modification than has that of (the coarser) opposite sex. The rationale of a large proportion of the procedures has not alwa>s been very obvious. But it could not well have been, having regard levocetirizine montelukast to the fact that the true function of woman is a question which is still in periodic re- ceipt of copious quantities of contradictory, and sometimes acrimonious, discussion. That brilliant authoress and acutely philosophical observer singulair price of life and manners. JMiss Marie Corelli, has formulated the opinion that '' the true intention of woman's destiny has not yet been carried out. She is fight- ing towards it — but. if I may venture to say so, she is using her weapons wildly and in various wrong directions. . . . It is by captivating and cherishing to the utmost every sweet and sacred sentiment of womanhood — every grace, every re- finement, every beauty; by taking her share in the intellectual world's work with force, as well as with modesty, and by showing a faultless example of gentle reserve and delicate chastity." — Such is the idea of a brilliant twentieth century represent- ative of her sex as to woman's appropriate means and methods of becoming man's helpful and inspir-

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