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This tradition reappeared at intervals, with or with- out the personal corroboration of traveled witnesses down through the various centuries of the so called middle ages. The approximately mediaeval Alexander ab Alex- andro tells us avanafil de 200 mg that : '' In Arabia genus est, Creo- phagos .solebant, f|uibus nondum viri, sed mulieres judaicc exscindi solebant, sicut de Andramite, Ly- dorum rege, qui primus eunuchas fecit mulieres, sermo proditus est, quo exemplo in /Ttgypto stendra price ali- quando generic avanafil exscindebantur." The opinions of com- mentators are, as might be anticipated, rather wide- ly divergent in their expositions of these allusions. Kiichcnmcistcr would have it that thev refer to circumcision of the female — in both Strabo's text and that of Alexander ab Alexandre. The great majority of ethnologists (Morand, Diemerbroek, Murat, Ilyrtl, et al.) have, however, pronoiniced de- cidedly in favor of the view that the somewhat am- biguous diction refers — at least in the case of the latter author — to the operation of " normal ovari- otomy." With this exposition the present writer un- avanafil cost hesitatingly concurs. cheap avanafil In the course of his investigations of the condi- tions of female life in India, Roberts ascertained that ablation of the ovaries was a procedure of time honored antiquity in that country. And he had op- portunities of examining physically some of the un- sexed persons who had been subjected to this opera- tion in early life. These specimens were about twenty-five years of age, perfectly healthy, strong, and muscular. The mammary glands had remained wholly avanafil 50 mg undeveloped, and the- normal growth of pubic hairs was conspicuously absent. The pubic arch was exceedingly narrow, and the vaginal orifice practically obliterated. The whole stendra tablets pubic area showed a want of the usual subcutaneous fatty de- posit. The buy stendra menses had never appeared, and there seemed to be no sexual desire. (Dr. Roberts had no opportunity of seeing the operation performed.) The natives of Australia — the aboriginal New- Hollanders, one of the most primitive and least intelligent (we have often been told) of the sur- viving races of mankind — were found by Micklucho -Maclay to practise artificial removal of the ovar- ies. The procedure was usually adopted for the utilitarian purpose of creating a purchase stendra online supply of pros- titutes, who should thus be enabled to minister to their professional functions without danger order stendra of bur- dening the existing population by unnecessary in- crease. (A curious antipodal forecast of the then remotely future " race suicide " of the most ad- vanced twentieth century civilization!) Certain other considerations were taken as practical motives to the operation in some cases. For instance, the naturalist explorer. MacGillivray, found a native ovariotomized female at Cape York who had been subjected to the operation because she cheap stendra was born dumb. It was deemed desirable — from the stand- point of public economy — to obviate the danger of her bringing into the world a series of dumb de- scendants ; the defect being looked upon as heredi- tary, even to an indefinite succession of genera- tions. (Further anticipations of the modern laws of transmitted physical features — especially the de- fective ones, where to buy avanafil/extendra and of recent agitation against buy stendra online the procreation of their species by the physically un- sound and degraded!) Ever since the pronouncement of the malediction which followed Eve's use of the forbidden fruit, the sorrows and dangers of childbed have neces- sarily formed one of the special terrors of stendra online the thorny pathway of the pilgrimage of human life. And the procedures referred to show that long before mod- ern oophorectomy became, in the hands of the skilled gynaecological (and aseptic) surgeon, a proceeding of comparatively little danger in the crowded stendra cost cen- tres of civilization, preventive (operative) meas- ures had been utilized, avanafil de 100 mg sometimes, perhaps, on a nuich larger scale than we now suspect. Of the de- fails of these primitive operations, no reliable de- scriptions have descended to us. nor is it at all like- KXOTT: "NORMAL" OVARIOTOMY, ETC. 435 ly that they will be ever attainable. \Mth regard to the amount of clanger, the question might even be raised, whether, when performed with clean hands and instruments, and conducted throughout (se- quelae included) with moderate general care, the risk ill an open breezy country locality' would have been much greater to life than generic stendra that of parturition occurring in a metropolitan hospital in the pre- Listerian purchase stendra days of the sanitation and hygiene of those institutions. Those who have become acquainted with the avanafil online -practice of our great lyingin hospitals

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