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Coexisting degeneration of other organs often modifies the general character of the symptoms of fatty degeneration, but neither the existence of arteriosclerosis nor of the yellow arcus is per- tinent to the suprax injection diagnosis. Fatty overgrowth rarely gives rise to distinc- tive symptoms, unless infiltration or fatty degen- eration has supervened. suprax cefixime Necessarily the heart sounds are less clearly conveyed to the ear, suprax injections but in these cases it has often purchase suprax seemed to me that after exercise the heart sounds become more distinct, which we would not expect to occur, at least to the same degree, in cases of the degenerative suprax 100 form. Prognosis. — Many patients die suddenly when the symptoms are either absent or not considered of suprax 400 mg tablet sufficient importance to merit treatment ; order suprax but too many cases of so called suprax antibiotics heart failure with iatal termination are recorded in patients who "have recently been under observation and in whom the condition was unrecognized. In most •cases the outlook is most serious, but perfect re- coveries of the parenchymatous and fatty types, after typhoid fever and diphtheria, respectively, are everyday occurrences. To a lesser extent may this be said to be true of the attacks in the cases accompanied by arteriosclerosis and dila- tation. Treatment. — In that important group of cases characterized by a heart of normal dimensions and absence of evidences of dilatation, but exist- ence of cardiac weakness, rest in bed for a cer- tain period of time is probably the first indica- tion. Easily antibiotic suprax digested food, largely nitrogenous in composition, and attention to the condition suprax tablets of the bowels are of importance. The regular use of an after dinner pill or an occasional mercurial purge, alternating from time to time with high rectal suprax cefixime tablets irrigation, should be generic suprax borne in mind. The importance of maintaining the digestive func- tions in as good condition as possible should not be forgotten, as buy suprax an attack of indigestion may be followed by dangerous consequences. Strych- nine, arsenic, and buy suprax online iron are the drugs which are of most use. The digitalis group is, as a rule, to be avoided, and in some cases I am satisfied that it is productive of harm. I am in the habit of making regular use of oxygen, two or three times daily for periods of ten to twenty minutes, and have continued this for weeks at a time with sat- isfactory results. In cases where there are evi- dences of increased arterial tension, the nitrites are of benefit. When the contrary is the case small doses of atropine may be tried with good results. Aromatic stimulants are, as a rule, bet- ter suited for syncopal attacks than whiskey or brandy, suprax mg but the use of light wines is often bene- ficial. The patient is sensitive even to proper clothing and warm water for bathing. For rest- lessness, small doses of heroine guarded by atro- pine are useful. In Cheyne-Stokes breathing, suprax 400mg strychnine, hypodermically, and oxygen may be administered. In attacks of angina, nitrite of amyl and nitroglycerin may be given hypoder- mically. As the patient improves, graduated ex- ercise, either by the Oertel or Schott treatment, should be instigated. I am aware that there is, at least in this country, some doubt among the profession as to the propriety of using these meth- ods in cases of fatty degeneration of the heart. Certain it is that the results are more uniform and satisfactory in cases of fatty overgrowth, suprax antibiotic for children but those of you who have examined and noted the at times excellent results obtained in the first group by these treatments, cannot but become partizans of the same. The group of cases at- tended with dilatation (generally the fibroid) must be given the treatment for that afTection. In cases with a syphilitic history, the usage of potassium iodide for long periods should be car- ried out as some brilliant results have been re- ported. 21 12 Pine Street. Gift to the Postgraduate School.^ — Announce- suprax generation ment has been made that the New York Post- graduate Medical School and Hospital, Second Avenue and Twentieth Street, has received a gift of $7,500 suprax cefixime 400 mg from Mrs. Richard T. Auchmuty, of No. lOi Universitv Place. 374 BOLDT: COTARNINE HYDROCHLORIDE. COTARNINE HYDROCHLORIDE IN

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