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it is as great a piece of reproach, to revile a woman by saying to her. synthroid levothyroxine O handaron: that is, O uncircumcis'd, as to call a man arel, or uncircumcis'd among the Jews. A strange thing, that only in Africa and some order synthroid online parts of Asia, the women should be noted for these extuberan- cies : for the Jewish women in Germany, being ac- quainted by their reading with this custom, laugh at it, as admiring what it should be that should require such an amputation. The practice synthroid cost of circumcision, male and female, in Egypt and among neighboring nations and tribes, attracted the attentive curiosity of the famous Scotch explorer, Bruce, of Kinnaird ; and his re- marks cost of synthroid on the subject are interesting and instructive, ethnologically and historically, even if they throw but a dim li.ght on the physical details : Although it then appears that the nations which had Egypt between Abraham and them, that is, were to the southward, did not follow the Egyptians in the rite of circumcision, yet in another, of exL-ision. they all con- curred. Strabo says, the Eg3ptians circumcised both men order synthroid and women, like the Jeii's. I will not pretend to say that any such operation ever did obtain among the Jewish women, as scripture i.s^ silent upon it; and in- deed it is nowhere ever pretended to have been buy synthroid a re- ligious rite, but to lie introduce'd from necessity, to avoid a deformity which Nature has subjected particu- lar people to, in particular climates and countries. We perceive among the brutes, that Nature, creating the animal with the same limbs synthroid tablets or members all the world over, does yet indulge itself in a variety, in the proportion of such limbs or members. Some are re- markable for the size of their heads, some for the breadth and bigness of the tail, some for the length of their legs, and some for the size of their horns. There is a d'strict in .\byssinia, within the perpetual rains, where cows, of no greater size than ours, have horns, each of which would contain as much water as the or- dinary waterpail used in England does; and I remem- ber on the frontiers of Sennaar, near the river Dender, to have seen a herd of many hundred cows, every one of which synthroid price had purchase synthroid online the apparent construction of their parti almost similar with that of the bull ; so that, for a con- siderable tiine, I was persuaded where to buy synthroid that those were oxen, their udders being very small, until I had seen them milked. This |)articular aiipearanco. of unnecessary ap- pendage, at first made me believe that I had found the real cause of circumcision from analogy, but upon information this did not hold. It is, Itowever,. "ihcrwisc in the excision uf women. I'rom climate, or 'inie other cause, a certain disproportion is found gen- erally lo prevail among them. And as the population (if a country has in every ajjo been considered as an object worthy of attention, men have endeavored to remedy this deformitj- by the amputation of that re- dundancy. All the Eg\ptians, therefore, the Arabians, and nations to the south purchase synthroid of Africa, the Abyssinians, Gallas, Agows, Gafats, and Gongas, make their chil- dren undergo this operation, at no fixed time indeed, but always before they are marriageable. When the Roman Catholic priests first settled in Egjpt. they did not neglect supporting their mission by temporal advantages, and small presents given synthroid mcg to needy people their proselytes ; but mistaking this excision of the Coptish women for a ceremony performed upon Judaical principles, they forbade, upon pa'n of excom- munication, that excision -should synthroid online be performed upon the children of parents who had become Catholics. The converts obeyed, the children grew up. and ar- rived at puberty; but the consequences of having obeyed the interdict were, that the man found, by choos- ing a wife among Catholic Cophts. he subjected him- self to a ver\- disagreeable inconvenience, to which he had conceived an unconquerable aversion, and there- synthroid cheap fore he married an heretical wife, price of synthroid free from this objec- tion, and with her he relapsed into heresy. The missionaries therefore generic synthroid finding it impossible that ever their congregation could increase, and that this accident did frustrate all their labors, laid their case before the College of Cardinals de propaganda Me, at Rome. These took it up as a matter of m.oment. synthroid mg which it really was. synthroid buy online and sent over visitors skilled in surgery, fairly to report upon the case as it stood ; and they, on their return, declared that the heat of the climate, or some other natural cause, did. in that particular nation, invariably alter the formation so as to make a differ- ence from what was ordinary in the sex in other coun- tries, and that this difference did occasion a disgust, which must impede the consequences for which matri- mony was instituted. The college, upon this report, or- dered that a declaration, being first made by the pa- tient and her parents that it was not done from Judaical intention, but because it disappointed the ends of mar- riage, " si modo matrimonii fructus impediret id omnino toliendum esset " : that the imperfection was, by all manner of means, to be removed ; so that the catholics, as well as the Cophts, in Eg^pt, undergo excision ever since. This is done with a knife, or razor, by women generally buy cheap synthroid when the child is about eight years old. But the I"-rench penetration of the mysterious land

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