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of the Nile in the latter part of the eighteenth cen- tury marked the dawning of a new tadacip (generic cialis) era in Egyptol- ogy ; as it did in international politics, and. indeed, in all the departments of the progressive evolution (or retrogressive devolution) of the great Western division of the human family. Many of the old hedging divinities were now ruthlessl\ overturned ; the old time mysteries were disrespectfully exposed to the general gaze, and curiosity refused to be re- stricted by the limitations of tribal custom or indi- vidual prejudice. And here jM. Sonnini so far over- stepped the limits of his predecessors in the field that his record is, I venture to hope, worthy of the reader's perusal : . . . In Egypt, it is not peculiar to the men: the women also undergo one of a somewhat similar nature. This latter sort of circumcision was likewise prac- tised bv the people of ancient Egypt. It has been trans- mitted to their descendants tadacip pille 20mg cialis generika alone; for those women who have come from other countries to settle in this, generika-apotheke tadacip have nut undergone it; nor, indeed, have they occasion for the operation. I am sensible how ilifficult it is to treat sniiiects of this nature without awaking otiier ideas iban those which occupy the natur.-ilist in his re- .searches; but this point of the natural history of man is too important to be passed over in silence; and no 438 KNOTT: "NORMAL" OVARIOTOMY, ETC. traveler, before me, has investigated and determined it vi'ith precision. I shall confine myself to such terms as anatomy has adopted. If it be, in any case, allow- able to be not very intelligible to the generality of readers, it is, no doubt, on so delicate a subject. It was well known that Egyptian women submitted to circumcision ; but authors were not agreed as to the motive of this custom. The greater number of those who have written on this practice have considered it as the retrenchment of a portion of the nymphas, which grow, buy cheap tadacip it is said, in these countries to an extraordinary size. Others, among whom is to be distinguished that illustrious traveler, James Bruce, have imagined that it was nothing less than the. amputation of the clitoris, the elongation of which is, according to the same au- thors, a disgusting deformity. Mr. Bruce calls it exci- sion, an expression for which his able translator has introduced into our language, and for which it is, in fact, not tadacip by cipla easy to find a proper substitute. Before an opportunity occurred of my ascertaining the nature of the circumcision of the Egyptian women. I also imagined that it consisted in the amputation of the excrescence of the nymphae or of the clitoris, ac- cording to circumstances, and according as these parts were more or less elongated. It is even very prob- able that these operations take place, not only in tadacip 5mg online Egypt, but likewise in several other countries tadacip erectalis 20 mg tabletten of the East, where the heat of the climate and other causes may produce too great an increase of these parts; and I had the more reason to be of this opinion, from hav- ing consulted several Turks settled at buy tadacip uk Rossetta, respect- ing the circumcision of their women as they gave me no other idea of it than that of tadacip price in india a painful mutilation of this kind, the motives of which they also explained. Being, as has already been seen, tadacip 20 mg uk great admirers of a smooth and polished surface, every inequality, every protuberance is. in their eyes, a forbidding defect. At the same time they alleged that, by one of these opera- tions, the women lost, with the ardor of their consti- tution, the facility of procuring themselves illicit en- joyments. A tadacip erectalis 20 mg barbarous refinement of tyranny, and the lowest degree of debasement of the one half of the human species which, by cruel means, the other half moulds to its pleasures at the will of its jealous despotism ! tadacip online kaufen After these prefactory observations, he tadacip 5 mg proceeds to give the reader the details of his personal tadacip 20mg generic cialis experi- ences, the results obtained by the exercise of an enthusiastic and probably unprecedented zeal in the pursuit of knowledge : I suspected that there must be something more cialis generico tadacip than an excess in these parts, an inconvenience which, far from being met with in all women, could alone have given rise to an ancient and general practice. At length I resolved to leave no doubt upon this subject, tadalafil tadacip 20 mg and formed the design, which must appear sufficiently bold to any per.son acquainted with the inhabitants of Egypt, not of having a drawing made of a circum- cised girl, but of having one circumcised in my own apartments. M. Forneti, whose intelligence cialis generika tadacip and oblig- ing disposition had so often been useful to me, had the goodness to assist me in this enterprise ; and by the mediation of a Turk, who served as a broker to the French merchants at Rossetta, I tadacip 20 price india succeeded in getting to my room a woman, whose profession it was to per- form circumcision, and two young girls, one of whom had been circumcised two years before, and the other who was now to undergo that operation. M. buy tadacip canada Fomcti,

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