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malgre toutes les tentatives essais par les agents du gouvernmcnt egyptien pour bannir cette affreuse cou- tume, les Soudainniennes n'en persistent pas moins dans leur idees a cet egard ; quant aux jeunes filles, elles y .semblent encore plus attachees que les hommes. car elles pretendent que sans infibulation elles nc trouvcraient aucun Thorazine Iv mari. At the close of these accounts of a strangely, and even grotesquely gruesome, unnatural operation, a supplementary item of etymological, as well eth- nical and ethical, distinctiveness may be found of Thorazine Online some collateral interest. Attentive readers of Juvenal will not have failed to observe that many of the moral features of the Rome Thorazine 50 Mg of his day dis- play an almost startling resemblance to some of Order Thorazine Online the Buy Thorazine most distinctive of lliose oi Buy Thorazine Online the great mctropDlitaii Thorazine Bipolar communities of the opening decade of the twentieth century. Others are redolent of the social peculiari- ties of the age. We there find that nothing was s" bad as, or, at least, worse than, a rich woman. (No one, of course, could apply this aphorism in one of our great civic commiinities of the present day ; in which woman is fully emancipated ; her Thorazine Uses superiority to man having long been fully recognized, and her equality now gradually becoming so, too.) The Purchase Thorazine Online Roman mil- lionairess regarded the young singing man as an article of luxury, and many (or Purchase Thorazine most) of the public vocalists were slaves. And one of the penalties to which the more favored of these was obliged to submit to was the Thorazine 10 Mg wearing of a locked fibula, of which the pin penetrated the prepuce, in front oi the glans penis. If the proprietor was a stage mana- ger, this safeguard was adopted to prevent the de- structive efifects on the voice of the unceasing at- tentions of the members Order Thorazine of the female aristocracy ; if the owner was a member of the latter body, it pre- served her property from the trespasses of enter- prising rivals. But the ways of man are myster- ious in their moral complexities : so are those ui woman ! In concluding these notes of a series of strange and -painful tampcrings with the specialized phys- iological organs of Thorazine Chlorpromazine the female human form, I ven- ture to express the hope that they inay be found to possess some interest for the practical g}naecol- ogist and obstetrician, and even to inquiring medi- cal men generally; as they surely must Buy Cheap Thorazine for the ethnologist, who is continuously endeavoring to discover, and explain, and reconcile, the multiplex variety of national and Thorazine 100 Mg racial rites and observances ; for the contemplative philosopher, who is contin- ually vexing his brain in the vain hope of ascertain- ing how it is that men and women manage to make themselves so unhappy throughout the pilgrimage of life ; and for the altruistic philanthropist who tries to combine and utilize the results of all such inquiries for the improvement of the future of suffering humanitv. THE PREVENTION OF DEAFNESS. Bv WlLI.I.\M SCHEPPEGSELL, A. M.. M. D.. New Orleans, La. Ex-Presidont of the American .Vcadem.v ot Oi)lithaIraolos.v aud Laryngology : ex-Vice-Pr^sident of the Amorican Ijaiwngologieal. lihinological. and Otological .\.Thorazine 200 Mg but is also applied to more or less partial in- ability to Thorazine 25 Mg distinguish sounds. In the former defini- tion, deafness is most frequently associated with mu- tism, and when the deafness is congenital or acquired in early infancy, deafmutism is invariably the re- sult, the luutism in such cases being, of course, sim- |)ly the natural result of the child's never having heard articulate speech. Even when deafness de- velops as late as the fifth or sixth year and even later, the faculty of speech is gradually forgotten inuil mutism results, except in those cases in which the child is promptly and perseveringly taught by the method of lip reading. Total deafness associated with nuitism is in Chlorpromazine Thorazine by far the larger number of cases of congenital origin (about 40 per cent.), the remaining cases being due September 7, 1907.] SCHEPPEGRELL: PREVENTION OF DEAFNESS. 441

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