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cific direction of the physician, as many forms of douches are an absolute injury to the mucous mem- brane of the nostrils, and to the function of Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Tartrate olfac- tion. As regards the Generic Name For Toprol ear, the danger is that some of the solution may enter the Eustachian tube and Toprol Xl 100 Mg set up an inflammatory process in the middle ear. The patient should, therefore, be cautioned to blow the nose very gently after using such a douche, and always with both nostrils unobstructed. One of the most insidious diseases of the ear, and unfortunately a most Toprol Xl Beta Blocker prevalent one, is what has been called the " nonsuppurative inflammation " (hypertrophic and hyperplastic) of the middle ear. Toprol Xl Coupon Tn this, the obstruction of the F.ustachian tube is Generic Name For Toprol Xl frequently .so slight as not to warn the patient, as in the catarrhal form, and there is no jjain, as in the suppurative type. Frequently the first Toprol Generic Equivalent warning that the patient has is the increased effort to hear, and it is surprising how defective the hearing may become, provided the loss is gradual, as is the case in this disease, before the Metoprolol Tartrate Vs Toprol Xl patient observes it. Subjective noises in the ear (tinnitus) is another late symptom which may first attract the attention of the patient. Many of such patients consult the aurist onlv after the disease has made such headway that cure is out of the question, whereas in the early stage it could have been arrested and much benefit obtained. Before concluding, 1 must call attention to the danger to the hearing of some of the general dis- eases, the principal ones being scarlatina and meas- les. Both of these have been responsible for such total deafness in children that mutism has resulted. Many of the worst cases of partial deafness which we are called on to treat owe their origin to an at- tack of scarlatina or measles during childhood. In such cases, the disease commences with a discharge from the middle ear, which being either entirely neg- lected or unskillfully treated, develops a chronic suppuration and leaves a perforation • in the drum mem.brane. In some of these cases, especially after scarlatina, it is Is Toprol A Beta Blocker not infrequent to observe the almost total absence of the tympanic membrane, this hav- ing been destroyed by the suppurative process. Yet careful attention to such patients during the acute stage would have resulted Generic For Toprol Xl in perfect recovery in practically every case. There are many other affections, both local Is Toprol Xl A Beta Blocker and general, which may have an injurious effect on the function of hearing, but the principle which I have advocated in the preceding holds in such cases, namely, the prompt recognition and proper treat- ment of ear complications in Toprol Xl Generic Name the initial stage. Here- in lies the greatest Cost Of Toprol Xl success in the prevention of deaf- ness. As this early stage of many ear diseases is so fre- quently overlooked, especially in children, it shoulci become the duty of the members of the school boards to have a competent physician test the hearing of the school children, especially in the public schools. In many cities, the school children undergo a regu- lar examination of the eyes in order to detect errors of refraction, but the test of hearing Toprol Xl 50 Mg Recall Metoprolol Vs Toprol Xl is equally im- portant. In this way, not only would such cases have the opportunity of being treated at a Toprol Xl Generic Equivalent time when success would be most likely to result, but many children who are considered dull and inattentive would be found to be suffering from defective hear- ing. In this way would be furthered not only the physical but also the mental w^elfare of the chil- dren. 516 HiBEKNiA Bank Buildinc. THE NEURASTHENIC NEUR.\LGL\S.* Toprol Xl Generic Recall By Frank K. Hallock, M. D., Cromwell, Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Conn. The term neurasthenic or neurotic neuralgia, un- satisfactory as it may be, is nevertheless of value in descriljing a certain class of painful peripheral affections occurring in neurasthenic or allied condi- tions. The recognition of such a species of neu- • Iloiid Ht tlio nnniinl moelinK of the Connecticut State Mertl- ciil Society, Ilnrirord. Mii.v 22, ]!)07. September 7, 1907.] HALLOCK: NEURASTHEXIC XEURALGIA. 443 ralgia is important from the fact that frequently the localized pam, emphasized and treated as Toprol Xl Vs Generic an entity,

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