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or there may be no appreciable exciting cause. Un- doubtedly one exists, however, if our knowledge of the biochemism of Trental Mg the issues and of the physiology of the nervous system was Generic Trental sufficient to enable us to discover it. In any case the point to bear in mind Pentoxifylline Trental is that the neuralgias here referred to have prac- tically no cause which is adequate to their produc- tion without the presence of the fundamental Trental Cost below par or neurasthenic state. Anatomically the neurasthenic may follow the usual classification for other neuralgias, i. Trental Price Tri- geminal ; 2, cervicooccipital : 3, cervicobrachial ; 4. brachial : 3, intercostal, including mastodynia ; 6, lumbar plexus, including lumboabdominal and re- gions supplied by the cutaneus femoris lateralis, cruralis. and obturatorius ; ", sacral plexus, including sciatica, neuralgia of the genital organs and of the anal region : 8, coccygodynia ; 9. achillodynia. tar- salgia, and metatarsalgia. In classifying the neurasthenic neuralgias from a clinical standpoint it will be observed that they oc- cupy a position midway lietwcen the more or less indefinite and subjective para┬╗sthesi.T on one hand, and on the other the very definite and objective con- dition resulting Order Trental Online from neuritis or other pathological irritation. It will Trental Online be possible, therefore, according to the degree to which one or the other of these cn- Ireines is approached, to subdivide the neuralgias into two varieties. One is nonobjcctivc. that is. the |\Tin occurs with very slight or no concomitant ph.vs- ical symptoms ; the other is objective, Trental Tablets that is. ihe 444 H.-ILLOCK: NEURASTHENIC SEl'RALGIA. pain is accompanied by localized syniploms, sensory vasomotor, or secretory. The nonobjective neuralgias should not be con- founded with the various parsesthesiffi common to neurasthenia, hysteria, and hypochondria. When Trental 100 Mg the parasstliesis, however, assume the character of distinctly painful sensations, they may be said to approach the neuralgic condition, and it may, per- haps, be proper to speak of a parsesthesic form of neurasthenic neuralgia. The painful area is not as clearly limited to the distribution of a sensory nerve and the character of the sensation is Trental Generic not persistently severe nor deep tissue involving. The pain itself may be Trental Indications fleeting, transitory, often changing its loca- tion, or fixed always to the same locality. It may recur with regularity, or be very irregular with the intervals between entirely normal. It may be quite acute, of a stinging character, or be a dull and very persistent ache, such as the low grade constitutional headache or backache. F. Lots^ classifies the so called " nervous pains " as the highest grade parses- thesiae, but from the standpoint of severity they ar'j the lowest grade of all neuralgic manifestations. Nonobjective neurasthenic neuralgia also mani- fests itself in another form, namely, as a result or relic of repeated attacks, or of an antecedent neu- ritis, or what is quite likely an antecedent neuralgia with objective symptoms. This form, as a Purchase Trental Online rule, does not depart from its customary location. Its nature is that of a habit sensation which persists in re- curring long after the physical evidence or justifica- tion for it have disappeared. Weir Mitchell, in speaking of Purchase Trental injuries to nerves, cites some well de- fined cases and explains its neuralgic habit as psychic. Much more profound and positive forms of Buy Trental Online /non- objective neurasthenic neuralgia occur than the just mentioned parassthesic or nervous pain and habit pain varieties. These m.ay be classified as idiopathic. They may appear spontaneously, so to speak, that is, without appreciable cause or perhaps result from exposure to cold, wind or dampness. Most fre- quently they are one of the sequelje of general over- exertion or body strain. When this is the case the favorite location of the neuralgic afifection is the dorsolumbar region. It will be recognized as a definite, persistent backache, not the low grade jiarxsthesic backache already mentioned. In the milder forms there is no special tenderness to pres- sure on the vertebrae and movements of the body do not elicit pain. In the severer forms there is Buy Cheap Trental sen- sitiveness, tenderness, and pain from motion Order Trental of Trental 400 the trunk. The hysteric invalid is Trental Injection especially liable to these hyperaesthetic symptoms. Many cases of " spinal irritation," so called, can best be interpreted in this manner. When emotional disturbance or mental strain is an setiological factor the most com.- mon seat of the neuralgia is the Buy Trental occipital or cervico- occipital region. The occupation neuroses of the sensory type, termed by Jeliffe- the " neuritides." due to excessive use of the extremities in sport or work, belong under this heading and are included chiefly unricr the names cervicobrachial, brachial, lumbosacral, and sciatic neuralgias. Pain and ten-

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