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sists in allowing the Valtrex Mg patient to exercise voluntarily. This should be done gently and gradually, at the same time giving instruction that any increase in the local sensation shall be borne bravely Online Valtrex and pa- tiently. In habit cases, or those of long standing, there is an especial need of stimulating to the fullest extent the courage and determination of the patient. If a fair, test shows that exercise unmistakably in- creases the neuralgia then it is best Valtrex Order to prescribe an- other period of rest until it is again advisable to attempt voluntary motion. The medical treatment is very unsatisfactory and is of little value except s_\mptomatically to relieve acute pain or to assist How To Order Valtrex in the improvement of the general condition. In regard to the relief of pain, it is important to note that morphine has a character- Valtrex On Line istically bad effect Order Valtrex upon the neurasthenic neuralgias. Antipyrine. acetphenetidine, gelsemium, and the sa- licylates are ordinarily the best analgetics. In the lesser paroxysms a small dose of bromide may be enough to. allay the nervous irritability and thus allow relaxation to the pain. It is advisable during the attack to do something for, or with, the patient. Thus the act of bathing the feet in hot water, rub- bmg the part with menthol dissolved in a Buying Valtrex fit men- struum, using mild Valtrex Purchase liniments applied alone or with heat, flushing the bowel, these and other procedures help to distract the attention and so enable milder drugs to be more effective. In this connection it is well to bear in mind that in treating tiic neurasthenic it is not wise to make tiic symptoms loo objective or label them with specific names. Thus, if the patient is told that the pain is due to inflammation of the nerves the idea, satisfactory by reason of its definiteness, may be- come fixed in tiie mind and contribute not a little to the continuance of tlie symptom. On this account, even more than because the diagnosis is incorrect. Dana '■'' is certainly right in condemning the prac- tice of calling braciiial neuralgia by the fashionable name "neuritis." Summarized, the treatment of the neurasthenic neuralgias consists essentially in rest for the af- fected part and building uj) the underlying neuras- thenic or below par condition of tiio patient. "MeHcal Recora. Ixxl, p. 207. 1007. THE FIRST FIVE YEARS OF THE GR-\DUATE.* By Walter G. Valtrex 500mg Elmer, M. D., Philadelphia. When you asked me to address you upon some topic this evening I considered several subjects, but finally put them aside when it occurred to me that your daily life is made up almost entirely at present of lectures and clinics and demonstrations bearing upon every phase of medical subject; and being firmly in accord with the sentiment expressed in the words 'of the well known axiom that '" much study is a weariness of the flesh." I decided to talk to you upon a subject which might prove of real help to some of you — not all. of course — and endeavor to give you as true a picture as possible of the conditions as they exist to-day in our large Valtrex Buy Online cities and smialler towns in Valacyclovir Valtrex regard to the practice of medicine. If you are patient enough to 500 Mg Valtrex hear me through to the end. some of you who are yet unde- cided as to what you will do with the future years mav find some assistance in planning your career. You have chosen a good profession, and you will have it within your power to accomplish a good work ; and when at last your task is accomplished and the work done, you will have the quiet satis- faction of knowing that there is at least a little part of the world which is the better for your having lived in it. You have chosen medicine as your fife work for one or Valtrex Online more of three reasons : I. Because of an innate love for it, knowing full well all of the hardship, self sacrifice, disappoint- ment, intense anxiety and worry which it involves, as well as the pleasure and satisfaction of dealing with hard problems and conquering them, of bear- ing Valtrex To Buy a direct personal relationship with human fife Valtrex Buy and saving it — for after all, there is no other satis- faction qiiite like this— and so you are intent upon vour work and eager to make a success of it. 2. Some of you have chosen medicine as a means of earning a livelihood, for you have no Buy Valtrex doubt taken into account the fact that most of the doctors whom you know live apparently Purchase Valtrex in comfortable and even luxurious surroundings— their houses usually be- ing in the most desirable residential streets, and yott Cheap Valtrex have seen them going busily from place to place in rapidlv moving automobiles or behind well groomed horses; you have noted also that physi- cians take more or less of a prominent part in the affairs of the communitv in which Get Valtrex they live. All of this is more or less true. It is, however, but one side of the picture. You must not let yourselves be

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