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respiratory centre. The credit of making the first vermox for sale clinical observa- tions belongs to Sigismund Gottschalk, of Berlin. Since then numerous clinicians in Europe have made careful observations and almost uniformly report most excellent results; not only in bleeding from the female genitalia, but also in instances of pulmonary bleeding, dental haemorrhage, hasma- turia, and intestinal bleeding. The cases for which it was used by me were 35 cases of fibromyomata. Eleven were more or less benefited by its administration, and twenty-four were not benefited at all. Its uselessness was most marked in instances of submucous tumors. I quote one example in which relief was very marked : 1. Interstitial Fibroid. — Mrs. R. S., aged 40 years; interstitial fibroid extending 4 inches above the symphisis ; menstruation regular but very profuse, and from eight to ten days' duration. One week before the expected flow, i grain was admin- istered three times daily ; with the onset of the flow the dose was increased to 2y2 grains every three hours. vermox worms The flow has been diminished to three days mebendazole vermox and is of only moderate quantity. This vermox syrup patient is still under observation. She has positively declined surgical intervention. (If the drug is not taken during a flow, the bleeding is more profuse.) 2. Hemorrhage from Uterine Cancer. — There were nine patients with haemorrhage due to cancer of the uterus. The result was negative vermox for worms in each in- stance. February 25, 1905.] BOLDT: COTARNINE HYDROCHLORIDE. 375 3. Postpuerperal bleeding after removal of re- tained placenta particles or decidua. There were five such instances : the patients had had the rem- nants of conception removed by their family physi- cians, but still some atypical bleeding persisted. In all these patients complete cure followed in from two to six days. The following is an illustration : Mrs. W., 24 years old, was delivered of her first child six weeks before consultation ; manual detach- ment of the placenta was undertaken ; three days later her accoucheur curetted buy vermox the uterus and re- moved the placental remnants. Some bleeding, how- ever, continued up to the time when I was requested to see her in consultation, vermox suspension with a view of sanctioning another curetting. Not finding any indication that such procedure was necessarj', I advised subcu- taneous injection of a generic vermox solution containing five grains of cotarnine hydrochloride, the injection to be re- peated every eight hours until the flow ceased. The bleeding diminished after the first dose and ceased vermox online entirely after the sixth injection. 4. Hyperplastic Endometritis. — Out of 13 pa- tients benefit was purchase vermox derived in 3 instances. All were subsequently curetted, vermox for children but in eight patients even then the menorrhagia was not markedly diminished. Seven of this number were then cured with cotar- nine hydrochloride, and one was vermox tablet not at vermox australia all benefited. In the glandular form of endometritis vermox 100mg the results were entirely negative. 5. Retroversio-iicxio with Endometritis. vermox otc — There were five instances of this class, but in only one patient was the menorrhagia relieved without re- sorting to surgical intervention, viz., R. T., aged 29 years, two children and one abortion at the sec- ond month, nine months before coming under observation. Menstruation during the last three months, profuse and of order vermox six to eight days' duration, which weakened the patient very much. The menorrhagia was the only symptom of which the woman complained. Inasmuch as the period always recurred regularly, the administration of cotarnine hydrochloride was begun in i grain doses two days before the next expected period, and as soon as the flow vermox oral suspension showed itself, 23^ grains were ordered every three hours, this treatment to be continued through- out the period. The first time the flow was short- ened to five days, and was of smaller quantity ; the second month, to four days and was of moderate quantity, and the third month it was normal and of only three days' duration. The woman did not again report. The remaining patients not being markedly benefited were subsequently operated upon. 6. vermox price Chronic Metroendometritis. — Out of nine such patients, five were more or less benefited by the vermox tablets administration of the drug, and in four the result was negative.

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